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Oct 31, 13

I want to point out one of the first blogs I ever read and one I've continued to read since I started building my PLN in 2005 -- Stephen Downes is one of the best resource sharers on the web. He's widely read and interjects his opinions and big picture issues into the conversation. I highly recommend that though leaders and researchers subscribe to his daily updates via RSS or email.

Jun 11, 12

A list of technology teaching ideas by age level #ict #edtech #technology via @tesict

Jun 05, 12

This indexed list of technology teaching ideas is organized by age and type of project. Each summer you should take time to review ideas and if you're using technology, this is a great website.

Jun 05, 12

During the summer, I like to look at projects in technology courses to get ideas and make improvements. This list of ICT (information computing & technology) projects by teachers is one that I'm reviewing.

May 31, 12

This list of design and technology resources gives a lot for ICT / computer teachers like me to peruse. I'm compiling a list of bookmarks to review and go through over the summer.

Nov 16, 11

I uploaded my "Freshman Project" to the @Tesconnect website. This is a very large network of teachers that I'm using now as it links with English speaking classrooms outside the US. This is the assignment that begins the year long project in my class as students design their own project. This is based upon the senior project I first saw this summer in Evansville, Indiana. Yes, you need to join TES to download the resource. I am promoting this site as part of some work I'm doing for them (as I disclosed two weeks a go) but it is a great site and I like the work they are doing very much! So join in, share, and download.

Oct 28, 11

Lots of great resources on Martin Burrett's ICT Magic page. He is from Essex, UK. I also like how he has created a special site for mobile devices.

Jul 21, 10

I love the student's reflections on her experience with ICT and also presenting virtually at the Flat Classroom conference 2009 in Qatar. Sometimes virtually isn't there but it is close!

  • Last year with video link up, I and three fellow class mates were able to give a presentation to thousands of teachers, students and educators who attended the Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar. This was an unreal experience and it was one of the first times I realised how phenomenal the internet is.
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