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Dec 10, 13

"Eric Sailers has written a book you can download for free with more than 100 apps for special education teachers to use with kids on the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch.

Aug 21, 13

Here's instructions on Google now within Google Search. I'm setting this up on my ipad and iphone to play with it. I've heard it is a good substitute for Siri if you have an older iDevice that can't get it.

May 27, 13

Yes, you can clip from your ipad or iphone screen into Evernote using this handy app.

"Once you're done clipping, hop back over to EverClip to organize your note. You can select any combination of the clippings to add to Evernote, rearrange them, add an additional photo or text note, then export it to your default Evernote notebook."

Jan 24, 13

Drafts is a handy app for those who who use a variety of tools like Evernote and dropbox. For example, you can jot a note and click a button to send it to Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote and more -- (like if you want to save copies of certain tweets, etc. since it is so hard to get things out of Twitter.) I'm not entirely clear on the workflow automation piece of Drafts after watching this video on lifehacker but am going to learn more about this handy app.

Dec 18, 12

The trick to sending content from your ipad 2 or or iPhone 4S or higher is to turn on mirroring. You double click and then slide backwards to click the airplay button - if you have no clue what I just said, you'll want to use this article from apple about how to do it.

Dec 15, 12

The Agenda app claims it is the #1 calendar application which also integrates with reminders. Looks like a very cool, minimalist app for calendaring that syncs with google calendar, exchange, and icloud.

Oct 04, 12

I'm sorry, but the idea that "ScuffGate" and "purplegate" are really any kind of world-impacting problem is ridiculous. Forbes in this article explains,

"ScuffGate refers to scuff marks or scratches some users have encountered on the aluminum back, prompting Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller to point out in an email obtained by 9 to 5 Mac that “any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color.” I immediately bought a $29 case for my iPhone 5 to protect it against breaking and got scuff mark protection for no extra charge.

Some users, says Mashable, are even complaining about an iPhone 5 camera flaw causing a “purple haze.”  I’m not sure what I like better, “CameraGate” or “PurpleGate.”"

Just fix it and move on, but the world has not ended.

Oct 03, 12

"McDonald's app is available only in France at the moment but lets customers place an order and pay for it from their iPhone."

Paying via mobile device is going to increase. Now, school lunch cards and numbers are the norm, but I would expect that eventually paying for books and food will be via mobile device. IT is going to be more important than ever that we teach our children how to handle money because paying via mobile, I think, is a lot like paying with a debit card - you don't feel the pain that you do when real cash is involved.

Mar 08, 12

Wired just did an article on deploying iPads using the Apple Configurator tool. This is a powerful tool for schools to use.

Mar 02, 12

Oh dear! Autocorrect caused a major problem today. This isn't funny but it is something to be aware of. We are all extremely sensitive after the tragedy at West Hall High School this week.

"“Gunna be at West Hall Today” was what a student at Lanier Technical College meant to type and send, but auto-correct changed the first word to “gunman.” The message went out as: ”Gunman be at West Hall Today.”"

Feb 21, 12

Eschool news shares their best apps for education. Unfortunately, they named WordLens #1 and I've had a horrible time making that app work. When I take it into our Spanish teacher's room where she has handwritten posters, it just won't translate. Maybe it is working better for others.

Jan 03, 12

Pulled from the statistics in the Apple App store. Here are the top 50 free applications in the Education store. 

Jan 03, 12

Get paid for really working out by using Gympact on your iphone. of course the money has to come from somewhere but this is a whole new location based app. "GymPact, the startup saw a success rate of 90 percent in its six-month Boston-area trial."

Dec 24, 11

So, you want your iPhone home button to behave like it did when you got it. This very simple tip is spreading like wildfire through the iPhone networks and just involves a simple recalibration with the power off switch. Try it if you are having trougble or if you have had your iPhone or iPod touch for a while. Very cool.

Nov 11, 11

Lots of talk in technology circles about 6th grader Thomas Suarez an iphone programmer.His best selling app is Bustin Jieber a Justin Beiber "Whack a Mole." He shares how he learned how to program an app. How he taught himself the iPhone Software Development kit.  He started an "app club" at school where any kid at school can come and learn how to design an app. He is part of an ipad pilot program. The students are asking teachers to help them design apps for education and the money is going into local education foundation. 

Jun 19, 09

My favorite place to find apps. This and #ipadchat are two great sources of information about iDevices in the classroom.

Oct 29, 11

If you have an ios5 device, you got text expansion. Lifehacker's guide is a great guide for setting up. I will add this tip. If you are lucky enough to have more than one iOS device, set it up the exact same way on both!

Oct 12, 11

Screenshot of 20 important features. I was up this morning trying to update but alas at 5 am only the iTunes update was there.

Mar 29, 11

Mobile access that lets you take credit cards. This would be very convenient for school fundraisers and mobile events.

Jul 17, 10

Some people love the iPad while others don't. Read this reflection to get the full picture.

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