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21 May 13

If you need a laugh for the end of the year, the 15 incredible cat photobombs are great for a laugh.

21 Dec 12

Warning: This link is not suitable for children. It is the funniest autocorrects of 2012 - and they are so funny as to be sad - many involve autocorrect putting in somewhat adult words into conversations between parents and children, so, be warned about autotext - it can create some very embarrassing situations.

06 Apr 12

For a bit of humor in your Day, Saturday, April 7 is national "no housework" day in the US. This seems a bit trivial amidst all of the other very important things we discuss and commemorate with days but I'm all for celebrating this one!

02 Jan 12

Researchers will enjoy this humorous struggle of a researcher to analyze data.

11 Nov 11

Take time to laugh this weekend. Look at this list of 100 funniest movies of all time which include an old Mae West and some older movies. You'll feel better if you laugh a little bit.

19 Apr 11

A fun discussion topic with technology students, this blog post about futuristic inventions in wearable tech includes buttons that are really mp3 players, a dress with room for a sim card that makes it funciton as a mobile phone when you lift your wrist, and the one I want -- the Massage Me Massage Video game - that makes a game out of having someone massage your back! (Oh yeah!)

This would be a great area to review and then have students invent their own.

25 Mar 10

ARtist humor here -- the Font Conference

02 Dec 09

Attention, Librarians who want to laugh or presenters looking for good material, the awful library book bloggers are perfect for you!

25 Jun 09

Put your face on a star of Star Trek and embed it on your blog. Lots of fun!

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04 Dec 08

We don't "do" the doghouse in my house - but this parody is something that will make you snicker. Especially the man giving his wife the absercizer and not having a clue that he's offending her.

10 Nov 08

Eduelf looks like it is going to be fun this year - I missed it last year. Join in!!

07 Sep 08

I may have shared these before but I needed a laugh as I've been grading for eons for progress reports on Monday. Have a laugh and share yours too!

24 Aug 08

Mix up faces at Make Me - good for a sense of humor.

24 Aug 08

LOL, this is what you get when you mix Doug Johnson and Oprah! (Might be good for a lesson on genetics, though.)

28 Jul 08

A website that lets you make a talking picture. This is really funny. You can create this, then use zamzar to convert it, and then use it in your digital movie.

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