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Feb 04, 14

Leah shares how Goofram works - very cool and useful information from Leah Fullenkamp. Awesome.

Dec 06, 12

This is my favorite Evernote "help" shared notebook tha I've found from spgscott. I've subscribed to peruse and learn about these things. I almost wonder if we're seeing the evolution of the textbook. What would happen if we could subscribe to the current research and thoughts of a leading scientist? Are we ready for that sort of messy insight into the minds and thoughts of a person who is turning over ideas in their mind. I"m not sure that we are.

Jun 20, 12

This is my blog post on how to get started with Pinterest, including tips to easily score an invite (It isn't that hard.) This is a great thing to do over the summer.

Sep 13, 10

OH my goodness. Often my window gets off screen, particularly when I've undocked and had my gradebook on the second monitor. This trick brings it back on to my window.

1) Press Alt + Tab and click the window off screen.
2) Click Alt+Space
3) Click M
4) Click any arrow key
5) Move the mouse

Voila it pops back on the screen.

I want to remember this for myself as much as share it with you. Those of you with double monitors will appreciate this trick.

  • Just hit any one of the arrow keys (Left, Right, Down, Up), move your mouse, and the window should magically “pop” back onto the screen.


    Note: For keyboard savvy people, you can just alt-tab to the window, use Alt+Space, then M, then Arrow key, and then move your mouse.


    This should work on any version of Windows. It’s really amazing how many people are not aware of this little trick.

Feb 19, 09

My students on the "jing strand" of digiteen are doing a very nice job teaching others how to do things in OpenSim (works the same in Second Life) - in this tutorial, you learn how to make landmarks.

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