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Nov 08, 12

When teachers don't understand evaluations and are so upset they say they will "cheat" there are many problems with this. We put students on an honor code and even when the teacher is unreasonable and hard, those students are expected to be honest. Now, we have an unreasonable "test" for teachers and some say they will cheat. This "evaluation" needs to be evaluated. Many problems here.

But one of the biggest problems I see is the harem scarem, unpredictable pendulum swing of evaluations and criteria used to evaluate a profession that has been around a very long time. As people work hard to weed out - it is working - more than half of teachers have been teaching less than 10 years as veterans say "enough!"

You don't turn a big ship by crashing it into a reef but by slow, methodical turns of the wheel. I find teacher evaluations that many are using to be cumbersome, confusing, and inconsistent.

I know of a top evaluated teacher in my area according to her hallmate, who plans her lessons twice a year and wow's the principal -- the rest of the time this teacher has a glorified study hall and does nothing. When I hear these stories of highly "evaluated" teachers, I'm convinced it is broken. My curriculum director and principal are in my room several times a month, looking at what we are doing and watching what is happening. That is a much better system, in my opinion and much more in keeping with what is happening in my classroom daily.

Jan 07, 12

200 students in an exemplary Texas high school get the answers for a test in what may be one of the biggest cheating scandals yet. i guess there are negatives to social media. Word spreads quickly...even the answers to that test. ".Hundreds of high school seniors in Texas were caught cheating on their final exams last month. Now, officials at the southeast Houston Clear Creek Independent School District are investigating how around 200 students at Clear Lake High School acquired test answers before the exam in December."

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