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Feb 04, 14

A website to share with health and PE teachers with games, videos and other activities to promote fitness.

Oct 21, 13

Train your students in CPR. This is a great thing to share with your health classes. The curriculum is here for you.
"The easy-to-use CPR in Schools Training Kit is designed just for schools.  It contains everything needed to train 10 students at once in CPR.  Repeat the process to train a class, a grade - or even an entire school! The CPR in Schools Training Kit is portable, allowing for convenient movement from classroom to classroom and easy storage. One CPR in Schools Training Kit can train hundreds of students!"

Mar 07, 13

Health teachers will love this site for kids. If you have a rainy day and have access to some computers, this would be a great place for activities. As we emphasize health, we should seek out engaging content in this area. This site is free. Love it.

"The multi-award winning program is focused on teaching the basics of cardiovascular health, including anatomy, nutrition, and exercise, by offering comprehensive curriculum materials to teachers and a site just for elementary school children to explore. The curriculum was developed as part of our mission to educate the public in a collaborative effort with medical professionals and certified teachers. 

Project Heart is completely free to use and free of advertisements. It is also fully translated into Spanish. 

Dec 12, 12

Often schools are very good at adding stress to the lives of students, but do we teach kids how to handle stress? This article from edutopia talks about how to help students de-stress.

Apr 24, 12

Another lesson with an activity called "agony aunt" that lets students discuss things affecting body image. More materials on this important topic.

Apr 24, 12

This website has a lot of free downloads about body image from Kathy Kater. I have a friend on FAcebook who is recovering from an eating disorder who has really brought it to my attention the danger of not discussing healthy body image and self esteem. Summer is a time students aren't as supervised and faced with bathing suits, some girls resort to desperate measures. Let's look for healthy ways to talk about this topic now before summer hits.

Apr 24, 12

Another body image lesson plan that talks about body weight and health. this one from Youth Health Talk.

Apr 24, 12

A body image lesson from Media Smart. The UK is using this as part of their "body confidence" campaign but it is a great set to look at for those working with body image and self esteem of any kind. There are a lot of great media smart resources here for guidance counselors and health teachers.

Apr 24, 12

Topical studies are great. The London Marathon just happened and  marathons are increasing in popularity here in the United states. Here is a video about the marathon, but also lesson plans about the Battle of Marathon, information on training to improve fitness and just what it takes physically to train for a marathon. Health and history lessons here.

Jan 31, 12

A great tutorial on how to set up a Twitter account from @mrrobbo . He targeted the information to PE teachers but really, any teacher who wants to start using twitter would benefit from this. If you are a PE teacher, you'll want to follow @ThePEGeekApps to find new apps to use in your health and physical education courses.

Jan 16, 12

Teenagers need iron and the elderly sometimes need less. We should discuss the health needs of students as we consider what they eat in our schools.

"“We found that healthy brain wiring in adults depended on having good iron levels in your teenage years,” said Thompson. "

Jan 03, 12

The LA Times carried an article about the link between physical exercise and learning. it is about time, although the primary conclusions of the several studies are that more studies are needed. cuttng PE may be cutting your test scores. Any Mom of a boy knows that they do better with some rough and tumble in their day (my daughter does too.) ".In the collection of studies, the article's authors found two they deemed high-quality, with both showing a strong correlation between exercise and better school performance."

Dec 28, 11

A website targeted to teens about distracted driving. It starts with a test to see how long you can keep your eyes and mind on the road. A great site for health classes or driversed. It is a bit tricky because it tricks you into doing something you might not should do but it does make a point. some kids will say it is lame but it is a start.

Aug 22, 11 has a narrated picture book that teaches kids that going to the doctor is not so scary. Interactive site to use with kids

Apr 12, 11

A website about helping teens with medicine abuse. A good specific website from the national association of school nurses.

"Multiple national surveys point to the disturbing abuse of prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, like OTC cough medicine, among today's teens. Five percent of high school teens admit to having abused cough medicine containing dextromethorphan, or DXM, to get high in the past year."

  • Multiple national surveys point to the disturbing abuse of prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, like OTC cough medicine, among today's teens. Five percent of high school teens admit to having abused cough medicine containing dextromethorphan, or DXM, to get high in the past year.
Aug 17, 10

These guys are so incredibly cute. We've been trying out the Organ Wise material in our elementary PE program and I just love their message on taking care of yourself. As we know from books like "Brain Rules" the brain is an organ connected to the rest of the body and directly influenced by physical health. You might want to take a look at this program to use with elementary PE. Just as cute as it can be. Our kids love "Sir Rebrum." Cute.

Aug 02, 10

Some cool information those who have health programs may want to use (particularly younger kids.) Some cool resources and games on this website. Here is the press release they sent me. This is sort of cool.

"Get ready, It's Back to School!
Starting a new School year is a great opportunity to introduce and reinforce the healthy habits we all want to instill in our children. The OrganWise Guys make learning about nutrition and physical activity FUN and memorable for children ages 3-12! We would like to send you a complimentary OrganWise Guys Back to School Kit to review and share with your followers. If you're interested, please provide a shipping address.

Imagine if your body could speak to you. Really. Imagine if it could really speak to you. For children, learning has to be imaginative and fun. So, as the childhood obesity crisis persists, teaching children about health and wellness is imperative but it has to be imaginative and fun. See for yourself by visiting listening to The Buddy Song.

The OrganWise Guys Back to School Kit includes:

* Monthly Healthy Behavior Tracking Calendar: With the start of a new school year, take on a new healthy behavior each month! The calendar is designed for use beginning any month of any year.
* Sir Rebrum Plush Toy: The brainy but cute professor is also the leading caricature in the Breakfast Skippin' Blues Video
* School Days Here We Come! Book:It's the first day of school and time to meet all The OrganWise Guys classmates and see where they live!
* Breakfast Skippin' Blues Video: Sir Rebrum is having a hard time remembering his lines in a school play. Can you guess what he forgot to do that morning?"

Jan 29, 09

Here is some information on the blue zones project that some of you may be interested in participating - I received this over email today:

"2009 Blue Zones Quest Fact Sheet

Program Name Blue Zones Quest

Description Dan Buettner leads the third of four annual expeditions to the world's longevity hotspots, called Blue Zones. Under the direction of an online student audience, the team unlocks the secrets of longevity and gives students a cross-cultural recipe of the world's best health and lifestyle practices.

Location Northern Aegean Sea. The island name will be announced in January, 2009.

Date April 20-May 1, 2009

Targeted Audience Students of all ages

Features Blue Zones Challenge, which teams students, parents and educators in a month-long program of healthy habits.

Blue Zones Legacy Project in which students interview long-lived “super seniors” and share information with scientists (optional)

Free Curriculum guide of activities for grades 4-8

Daily online delivery of dispatches, videos and photos

Educators Web section with online classroom resources

Evidence Tracker worksheet for tracking quest clues

Sponsors & Partners
Davisco Foods International, Inc.

National Geographic Society

National Institute on Aging

University of Minnesota School of Public Health"

Oct 02, 08

For those of you who teach health and wellness at the elementary level, this is a really cool website -- the "Scrub Club" teaches proper handwashing techniques. You can use hand sanitizers all you want, but the best way to prevent disease is still good old soap and water.

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