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Jun 10, 14

TODAY's TOOL: Too many teachers are sleep deprived. Get a handle on the science behind how you're sleeping by using this handy app on Google Pla y or iOS - Sleep bot will track how long you sleep, how you sleep and wake you during your lightest sleep. (I used to have my fitbit wake me up during my lightest sleep and it did make a very real difference.

Nov 25, 13

With 1.4 billion adults over age 20 who are obese, these are things we should educate everyone about. Great information for a health or biology class and also for teachers to read as we think about our own health in a very high pressure job.

"High blood pressure, serum cholesterol and blood glucose explain approximately 50% of the increased risk of heart disease and three-quarters of the increased risk of stroke among overweight or obese individuals, according to a new study published in the journal The Lancet."

Oct 21, 13

Train your students in CPR. This is a great thing to share with your health classes. The curriculum is here for you.
"The easy-to-use CPR in Schools Training Kit is designed just for schools.  It contains everything needed to train 10 students at once in CPR.  Repeat the process to train a class, a grade - or even an entire school! The CPR in Schools Training Kit is portable, allowing for convenient movement from classroom to classroom and easy storage. One CPR in Schools Training Kit can train hundreds of students!"

Jul 03, 13

I saw this on Fran Drescher's Twitter account from the Cincinnati Business courier and am quite floored by it. Am I the only one who doesn't know this? How about all of the little kids I see where parents are handing them their ipad and smart phones for play purposes. I jusst need to know more but it is based on a study presented at the Pediatric Academic societies meeting in DC. Of course, they recommend hand washing.

But pregnant women should be careful - a 10x increase in maternal PBDE's is associated with a 4 point IQ deficit. Of course, we also have the age old question here of causation or correlation.  I do think we need to know more and also if the equipment we're purchasing to use with young children has PBDEs in them. 

If you know more, please leave comments. It does say that some manufacturers are voluntarily phasing these out.

"Small children should not touch electronic items such as TVs, mobile phones, computers and other products, according to University of Cincinnati researchers.
Chemicals found in such items and in many other products, including older carpets and furniture, can cause behavioral and cognition problems, they have found."

May 16, 13

Can you design a school to promote healthy eating? There are things every cafeteria can do (read to the end.) This is a big problem and something we need to address. Every school should have a fruit basket near the checkout. It is a no brainer, but do we?

"Just walk into the cafeteria and you can see this is no ordinary elementary school.

"One of the most striking differences is the openness of the eating space," said pediatrician Dr. Matthew Trowbridge, who also consulted on the project.

Students can look into the area where the food is prepared, and they can look outside to a planned school garden, where vegetables will soon be planted."

Apr 19, 13

Another student project teaching other kids how to be healthy.

Apr 15, 13

"Investigators determined that intervention to counteract friends’ influence may have more of an effect in junior high than in high school, and that parents remain influential on smoking behavior through high school — indicating another possible intervention target.
“Based on social developmental model research, we thought friends would have more influence on cigarette use during high school than junior high school,” said first author Yue Liao, M.P.H., Ph.D.

“But what we found was friends have greater influence during junior high school than high school. We think the reason may be that friends’ cigarette use behavior may have a stronger influence on youth who start smoking at a younger age. During high school, cigarette use might represent the maintenance of behavior rather than a result of peer influence.”

Mar 07, 13

Health teachers will love this site for kids. If you have a rainy day and have access to some computers, this would be a great place for activities. As we emphasize health, we should seek out engaging content in this area. This site is free. Love it.

"The multi-award winning program is focused on teaching the basics of cardiovascular health, including anatomy, nutrition, and exercise, by offering comprehensive curriculum materials to teachers and a site just for elementary school children to explore. The curriculum was developed as part of our mission to educate the public in a collaborative effort with medical professionals and certified teachers. 

Project Heart is completely free to use and free of advertisements. It is also fully translated into Spanish. 

Dec 17, 12

This is a very true post about how the mom who wrote the viral post about mental health didn't protect the privacy of her 13 year old son. I totally agree. She should have written it anonymously - she's forever harmed her own child.

"I’m even more appalled that so very few adults seem to care about the potential impact on her son. She is either getting kudos all around for being so brave, so honest, so real, or she is being called out for being retrograde in her attitudes about mental illness and violence. But very few have commented about the effect on her son. It’s as though they’ve written him off. He’s just a talking point. A springboard for discussion. An avatar of people’s worst fears.

But not a child struggling."

Dec 12, 12

Often schools are very good at adding stress to the lives of students, but do we teach kids how to handle stress? This article from edutopia talks about how to help students de-stress.

Oct 23, 12

This lines up with "Brain Rules" and how to "live like your 50 till your 80 and beyond" -- New research found that, "People who stayed physically active into old age tended to have larger brains than those who did not exercise in the study, published today in the journal Neurology.

Jul 19, 12

"Hepatitis C now kills more Americans than HIV and, while there's increasing progress towards finding a reliable vaccine, results can't come soon enough. Now, researchers have developed a nanoparticle that effectively eradicates hepatitis C 100 percent of the time."

Jun 24, 12

Health teachers and coaches will find some interesting lesson plans for teaching their subjects. It is fascinating to see the types of things being downloaded relating to this topic including a "shot put teaching card", "orienteering and fitness activities" some gymnastics lessons and swimming skill cards. Health teachers will appreciate these lessons.

Jun 01, 12

A report out of the UK shows that children as young as five are concerned about their shape and size. Our media is sending a message of perfection that is unattainable even by the models they photoshop. (A girl recently petitioned for 17 magazine to have one non photoshopped image and 17 would not agree) This article includes a video discussion of the findings of this report.

May 31, 12

In the northern hemisphere as students get ready to get out for summer, many students struggle with body image. Here is a large collection of resources to use to promote healthy eating for all ages. Games, recipes, displays, interaactive white board activities, and lessons.

Apr 28, 12

This competition to create a video game will teach you how to make a game and help you study about health. they are due March 15 in this competition. Comptetitons are a great way to get students outside the classroom and create. way to help kids make more than a 100. What is more relevant and engaging to students these days than video games? In a few short weeks, you and your students can go from no game design experience to publishing your health related online video games on the Green Ribbon Schools website. The best part is we will show you exactly how to do this. We understand that Game Design can be new and intimidating. So we have developed a simple Lesson Plan for teachers to follow. No matter how computer-phobic you may be, you can complete this Lesson Plan with your students in 4-5 weeks. No game design or coding experience necessary. (With game design experience you can complete this in a matter of days)." "

Apr 24, 12

Another lesson with an activity called "agony aunt" that lets students discuss things affecting body image. More materials on this important topic.

Apr 24, 12

This website has a lot of free downloads about body image from Kathy Kater. I have a friend on FAcebook who is recovering from an eating disorder who has really brought it to my attention the danger of not discussing healthy body image and self esteem. Summer is a time students aren't as supervised and faced with bathing suits, some girls resort to desperate measures. Let's look for healthy ways to talk about this topic now before summer hits.

Apr 24, 12

Another body image lesson plan that talks about body weight and health. this one from Youth Health Talk.

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