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Jan 02, 12

Teens are using hashtags on Facebook, tshirts, and even speaking with them although now they have little meaning outside Twitter. (listen up Facebook.) Maybe any global platform we use with kids should support hashtags to aggregate data. (Edmodo Ning)

Oct 18, 11

Websites are continually eliminating RSS - one of the most useful technologies ever invented. Here Profhacker tells us how to get them.

Nov 23, 11

Hashonomy is an interesting website that lets you figure out related hashtags. For example, here's the hashonomy page for thanksgiving. RElated tags #lovethepie #thebigcheese and #turkeytweet - I'm not quite sure why #bookshakalaka is related but OK.

Jul 22, 11

Eduwin is a hashtag for telling great teacher stories. Here is the history behind this hashtag. Hey! #eduwin

Jun 16, 11

Research tags before you use them. This is a perfect example. A youth revival that decided to use the hashtag #LookAtMeNow when tons of people were using it for not so Christian content. You can laugh but people use hashtags all the time. We spent quite a bit of time picking the hashtag for global conversations and popularity has a cost - if a hashtag becomes popular, some spammer will hit it eventually.

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