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Jan 13, 14

These 15 things will help you have a better day according to this article and research. If you're working on your routines, you'll want to read this article. Very interesting - I'm not sure about the research on the juice, though.

Sep 04, 13

Building habits takes time. There are apps like "Don't break the chain" and "lift" but this new one mentioned by ProfHacker called "chains" is worth a look just because it is so visual - you could use this to build habits in your classroom as well.

Apr 19, 13

Leo Babauta gives great advice on forming new habits. As you think about the habits that need to change in your life, read this thought provoking post.

"Here’s the process:

Start small. What’s the smallest increment you can do? Do this for at least 3 days, preferably 4-5.
Get started. Starting the change each day is the most important thing. Want to run? Just get out the door. Want to meditate? Just get on the cushion.
Enjoy the change. Don’t look at this as a sacrifice. It’s fun, it’s learning, it’s a challenge.
Stick to the change. Notice your urge to quit. Don’t act on it. Keep going.
Adjust again. When the change becomes normal, make another small adjustment.
This is the process of creating a new normal. It’s beautiful and simple."

Jul 06, 12

This is a very long and peppered with the occasional expletive, however, habits are VITAL. When I set goals, I set habits to achieve those goals and this article is one I'm putting in my reference material. It is worth the very long read - just not for sharing with younger students.

Jan 24, 12

I love Leo Babatua. He challenges my thinking. Do you know why you do what you do? Can you replace bad habits with good? This may get you started. "The old habits of coping didn’t build up overnight, and they won’t go away overnight either. We built them up through years of repetition, and the only way to change them is also years of repetition.".

Jan 04, 12

I love the home routines app. 95% of what you accomplish is due to your habits. Homeroutines supports flylady and habit hacker. Great app that syncs between ipad and iphone/ ipod touch.

Jan 04, 12

So, if you want to improve yourself and your health, creativity, or organizing habits, look at the habit hacker. A more impudent version of the fly lady, this artist is a bit "cheeky" but blunt and to the point. Just the kick in the seat some of us need.

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