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May 17, 12

You can use this presentation to take your students through the skills required to proofread a document. It concludes with an activity demonstrating how punctuation changes the meaning of a sentence.

May 13, 12

A middle school teacher known only as "Seldy" shares his interactive language arts notebook in this blog post. The notebook is truly something special but even more astounding, he acknowledges that many of the pages he found on Pinterest. Pinterest is ideal for teachers and makes it super easy to share. (I have a Pinterest for beginners post for those who want an invite.) if you teach upper elementary into high school language arts, take time to peruse this notebook. Nice work!

Mar 14, 12

Grammar girl has so many great ways to remember things in grammar. I've missed the words "effect" and "affect"  in the past and am working on improving my own grammar. It is one of those things i've been taught all of this and when I was valedictorian I knew it but somewhere in there between there and here I've forgotten some of it. I go to grammar girl to give me ways to remember it. OK affect - verb; effect - noun.  Grammar teachers will enjoy her.

Feb 22, 12

A show about Grammar. This is the first episode. Some grammar teachers could incorporate this show "about the mysteries of English" into their classes.

 In the first episode of Slate’s new language program Lexicon Valley, producer Mike Vuolo and On the Media co-host Bob Garfield explore the history of the terminal preposition rule, and whether there are good reasons to follow it.

Jan 06, 12

Paula has collected resources for helping students with irregular English verbs. I'm struggling with helping my fourth grader learn them and have a whole week to get ready for the test and will be using these sites, review games, and activities! Thank you Paula!

Nov 03, 11

This is another site we use with brainstorming. Visuwords helps you find synonyms, antonyms for words as you brainstorm the perfect name.

Jul 14, 11

Students are already peer reviewing each other's work using kibin.

Sep 14, 09

Just got this in my inbox - English teachers listen up and plan to celebrate national punctuation day.


What can you do to participate in National Punctuation Day on September 24!
1. Go to and become familiar with punctuation
rules and issues.
2. Organize punctuation activities at your school, library, or office.
3. Share punctuation peeves with founder Jeff Rubin at
4. Send photos of incorrectly punctuated signage to Jeff Rubin at
5. Forward this news as a way to spread the importance of proper punctuation.

- Entrants must send a recipe and a sample of their cookie, cake, pastry,
doughnut, or bread baked in the shape of a punctuation mark to National
Punctuation Day, 1517 Buckeye Court, Pinole, CA 94564.
- Entrants must send two print photos ‹ one putting the item in an oven
before baking and the other taking it out when it¹s done. Make sure we can
see the baked goods clearly.
- First-, second-, and third-place winners will receive a box of non-edible
NPD goodies, and all entrants¹ photos and recipes will be published on the
National Punctuation Day website (
- All entries must be received by September 30, 2009.

This looks like a lot of fun

Aug 03, 09

English teachers will enjoy these humorous grammar rules that have been circulating through twitter. These would be fun to share and use.

May 19, 09

This is a great explanation of it's and its -- it is crazy but I so often forget this. It's just my weakness I guess! this well written page would be good to share with students.

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