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Apr 19, 12

Cell phones will be able to see through walls according to new research. Perhaps the pundits would do well to watch a few old episodes of Star Trek since the tricorder seems to be getting closer to reality than ever. Such things have all kinds of privacy issues at the helm deserving discussion now before we see our way to a future of things that cause big brother to be everywhere. 

Apr 03, 12

A ;new proposed law in the UK wants Skype and social networking sites to be required to keep communications for 12 months. I am thinking this would also apply to Twitter. Understandably, privacy concerns swirl around this proposal.

"Ministers say change is needed to help fight crime and terrorism, but critics warn it is an attack on privacy.

Internet service providers (ISPs) are obliged to keep details of users' web access, email and internet phone calls for 12 months, under an EU directive from 2009.

Although the content of the calls is not kept, the sender, recipient, time of communication and geographical location does have to be recorded.

The proposed new law - which the Home Office says will be brought in "as soon as parliamentary time allows" - would extend those requirements to social networking sites and internet phone services such as Skype."

Feb 29, 12

A new PEW report about the most desired skills of 2020. Things like focus, critical thinking and collaborative skills are on the list. This is an important paper to read as we shape education. Not much on this report indicates doing well on a standardized test will prepare you.

"software designer Fred Stutzman said the future is bright for people who take advantage of their ability to work cooperatively through networked communication

Oct 17, 11

This app lets you control cad and 3d environments like Google Sketchup. Really, the Ipad is now an interface with your regular computer and it is only beginning. The Maide video is definitely worth a watch and if you do anything with 3D design or CAD, this is worth a look.

Feb 12, 11

Schools and nonprofits need to understand their place on the web and the importance of building followers on Facebook as part of their marketing/ pr strategy.

Oct 18, 10

Explore flu trends around the world. Great for class discussions. You can also download world flu activity data.

Nov 17, 09

While this article starts out about a lawfirm in Birmingham UK that is going to "track down people who make anonymous comments about companies online" it becomes an amazingly poignant article on the very nature of the Internet today and the push pull between anonymous commenting and accountability of the commenter. Push pull between free speech and online identity and brand protection.

One person in this article claims that this sort of thing is the sign that the "wild west" of the INternet is coming to an end. Oh dear, I hope someone invents a new one if somehow anonymous commenters are now going to risk such!

Also love the article's discussion of the Streisand effect wherein Barbara protested the sharing of some photos of her eroding beachfront which caused a stir and more people looking at the photos than if she had left it alone.

This article is going to be a must read for Flat Classroom students and would be great for college-level discussions as well.

  • a new team to track down people who make anonymous comments about companies online.
  • a new team to track down people who make anonymous comments about companies online.
  • a new team to track down people who make anonymous comments about companies online.

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Oct 26, 09

The will look the same to most people except that what is behind it is part of the open source movement with the whitehouse code - now powered by Drupal -- is open source.

For educators, if you've found administrators objecting to the open source movement, maybe you should consider using the white house as an example.

Oct 26, 09

Net neutrality is an important issue being addressed by the US government right now to prevent companies from sort of creating their own version of the Internet. These rules are supposed to keep things "open." I'm also sending these to my digiteen students (you can follow digiteen at and Flat Classroom students ( for work on their project.

Oct 05, 09

QR Codes are an important new technology that use something called hardlinking.

Oct 05, 09

This video explains RFID tags and QR Codes very well and is from the NetGenEd project and will help someone envision the kind of video made for this topic.

Sep 14, 09

I can't tell if this event will be online too, but if you're in London - it is a good one. Love the description and appreciate Terry Freedman pointing me to it:

"many authoritarian governments are now also beginning to exploit cyberspace for their own purposes; some of them appear to be succeeding in subverting the internet's democratising potential. We may have overestimated the internet's ability to bring change and underestimated the role that political, social and cultural forces play in determining how new technologies are being adopted.

Could the internet actually inhibit rather than empower civil society? Join Evgeny Morozov as he outlines the dramatically different ways in which the internet's potential can be utilised by citizens and regimes."

Jun 26, 09

Percentage of teens who text while driving. This is a concern and one that you should alleviate.

Jun 25, 09

This is information on QR codes for Marketing but in this there is potential for schools - particularly ubiquitous "hardlinks" between educational experiences like museums.

Nov 05, 08

Front pages of newspapers from today from -- this is a great read on the history of today. (Thanks Will Richardson for the link.)

Nov 05, 08

Tom HOffman shares some of the background story of - a great story of collaboration and work and how "no names" become somebody with hard work, intelligence, persistence, and a commitment to "do it right" sans an agenda.

Nov 05, 08

This website had a TON of hits this past month -- in the millions -- 3 people and some spreadsheets did this. (See Tom Hoffman's post for more on it.) I think this is something that the students of the Flat Classroom Project will need to integrate into their work.

Oct 27, 08

Interesting article w/ new term "hacktivists" -- politically motivated hackers. That is a new term.

Twitter is written up in this report as being used by extremist groups of all kinds "socialists, human rights groups, communists, vegetarians, anarchists, religious communities, atheists, political enthusiasts, hacktivists and others...."

Why not just say everyone uses twitter? (Well, everyone DOESN"T use twitter but it can mobilize a lot of people in a pretty short time.)

  • xamines the possible ways terrorists could use mobile and Web technologies such as the Global Positioning System, digital maps, and Twitter mashups to plan and execute terrorist attacks.
  • "Potential for Terrorist Use of Twitter,"
  • report details of a recent earthquake in Los Angeles and by activists at the Republican National Convention.

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Oct 12, 08

You an use this site to "drop" or share files on the Internet. It only uses up to 100 MB of space but it still looks like a simple way to share. You can drop files by phone, email, web, widget or fax. Very interesting.

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