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Dec 03, 12

"OF THE 264 Twitter accounts belonging to governments and world leaders, and the 350,289 tweets that have been sent from those accounts to their 51,990,656 followers, not a single one was sent by a Chinese leader." says the Economist in their blog about China.

In a fascinating article that accuses Chinese leaders of a sort of "state led autism" it talks about how one major social media outlet (Twitter) is ignored and blocked by the Great Firewall of China but how their news service is now not only tweeting but linking to YouTube videos (which is also blocked.) The Economist uses this as a fascinating example of how being so insular is going to harm and ultimately limit the rise of China. If you follow China and current events, whether you like Twitter or not, this is a fascinating read and one you may want to bring to your students as well.

Apr 21, 12

IN this lesson plan from the New York Times, learn how to prepare a mock trial for your classroom. You can prepare one around just about any topic. This would be an excellent way to end the school year to add enthusiasm. 

Apr 21, 12

If you get into mock trials as a way to learn about the judicial system, there is a national high school mock trial championship here in the United States.

Sep 15, 10

A contest to win $2500 for kids.

" is frequently asked, “How can I become the President when I grow up?” and we’re inviting kids to help answer this question by creating a poster [] to visually explain the process.

This is a great opportunity for children and teens to learn about the U.S. election process. Just remember that parents need to return a signed consent form [] in order to enter.

The winning entry from a kid will be featured on and win $2,500. We’d really appreciate it if you could help spread the word. "

Nov 19, 08

Google map showing all live piracy incidents in the world - this would fascinating to discuss this in a current events class and correlate the incidents of piracy with political regimes and other correlated items.

Present to the class- here is the map -- figure out why this may be happening in these places.

Mar 24, 08

Government organizations like the smithsonian are reaching out to educators and others with an online presence. This cool site has lesson plans and lots of great information for arts, science and technology, history and culture, and language arts.

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