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16 May 13

You'll notice new quick action buttons in Gmail as announced by Google on Wednesday. They want to make things more intuitive. Expect these changes to happen on a gradual basis but they are coming. Including the ability to RSVP more easily - a feature which I like as some stragglers still refuse to properly use Google Calendar or any online calendar at all.

"When the situation calls for it, new quick action buttons will pop up in an email, letting you accomplish simple tasks without reaching for the keyboard. For event RSVPs, you can even mark your attendance from the main inbox view -- a preview with all the key details will pop up, letting you respond with a simple Yes, Maybe or No. "

10 Jan 13

I love if this then that and will be using at least one of the new triggers. If you star a gmail you can send to evernote, or wherever, for example. The gmail channel has some new triggers - this is great for someone like me using evernote to track projects.

24 Dec 12

Caldav is what lifehacker recommends as an alternative to Google sync (which is going away January 31). I've been searching for an alternative to help our office manager figure out what to do. Lifehacker referenced this on their podcast from this week as still being currently the best way to replace Google calendar sync.

21 Dec 12

Evernote is one of my favorite apps and I'm constantly looking around the web for great ideas. Everbot is my next tool that I'll use to link evernote with gmail. It also has some google calendaring features, but I'm most excited about the ability to add to and retrieve from evernote into email without a lot of hassle. Evernote, in my opinion, exceeds the ability of other services and notebooks because of its: ubiquity, functionality and the fact is has so many apps for the service including vJournal which I use to take notes daily, and also because of how it can search every kind of text imaginable, including handwritten text. While some use evernote and dropbox interchangeably - there is a dramatic difference. I don't need or want to reference every document but may want to open them up on multiple computers -- thus Dropbox - but I do need my notes on running my life to move with me from computer to computer -- thus Evernote.

05 Aug 12

Gmail loses some flexibility with sorting, however, there are powerful search features you can use to be able to search gmailin some powerful ways.

14 Apr 12

An excellent blog post that will help you improve your productivity if you use gmail. I love "find big mail" as it helps free up space for me. If you want to be more productive, great apps and instructions in this epic gmail productivity post.

25 Mar 12

Here's a Chrome add in that should be part of gmail. It shows an icon to display what the attachment file format is.

14 Feb 12

So, if you want to delete only the attachment to an email in gmail, the only way to do this is in Thunderbird. This is unfortunate as there are many times I wish I could have the email but delete the message itself. Here is how if you  have to.

Here is a solution for deleting email attachments in Gmail without deleting the message itself. 

This is a better way then forwarding the message to yourself because you actually save the original message and timestamps, but with attachments removed.  This solution gets the results you want, albeit a little time consuming.  The basic idea is access your gmail account as an IMAP account using Thunderbird, and then use Thunderbird’s feature for deleting attachments.  You just need to make sure messages are first moved to a local folder, then moved back to an imap folder.

- Determine messages in Gmail that need an attachment removed.
- Access these messages in Thunderbird via IMAP access.  To make this easier, in the Gmail web interface you can create a new label such as "delete-attachments" for these messages.
-Select messages in TB and "Copy To" a local folder.  This will download a copy of the message and attachment(s) to your local drive.
-Then, using the Gmail web interface, delete the messages permanently.
-Return to Thunderbird and access the messages stored in the local folder. 
-Delete the attachments in the locally-stored messages individually. 
-Finally select the messages and use the "Move To" command and select a label within Gmail to move the message.  This will copy the messages back to Gmail without the attachment and upload the message to Gmail servers with original time stamps. 

14 Feb 12

This website goes through your inbox and helps you find all the big mail in your inbox so you can clear up space.

14 Feb 12

How to free up space in your gmail. This is another way to get through freeing up space in your gmail inbox.

11 Apr 11

I love this! Gmail motion was Google's april fools day prank and many people fell for it. Heck, if I'd had time, I might have played with it but after thinking I realized what day it was! Tee hee.

But a lot of people WANTED this -even though the gestures were designed to be silly (who is going to do a jumping jack for making a star on an email.) so ICT used a kinect camera and actually made Gmail actions work! Watch the video and enjoy.

People actually WANT this just not with the exaggerated motions and definitely not a shot that requires the camera to see your feet.

31 Aug 10

Really cool new feature in Gmail -- priority inbox. I have it on one account but the other has not received it yet!!

11 Aug 10

Some new features in gmail August 10, 2010. Particularly the contact updates are exciting to me.

09 Apr 10

Turn on shortcut keys in gmail and learn to use them - they can save you a lot of time!

! reports it as spam and
# moves to trash just to name a few ;-)
m mutes the conversation unless sent or cc'd directly to you! ;-)

09 Dec 09

If you are like me and get a lot of messages and heavily use the label feature to cull through routine newsgroups, etc. then the spreadsheet will help you generate the code to be able to generate an unlabeled search in gmail.

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