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Dec 08, 13

Some of the great tools you can use to connect with students remotely. My sister uses Adobe Connect and loves it.

Dec 08, 13

Coming up this week is a book club with +Roald Dahl and a hangout with a Google Doodler at the Connected Classrooms Field Trips space by Google.

Dec 08, 13

Google has a connected Classrooms initiative providing virtual field trips via Google Plus and Google Hangouts. Here are the details from the official Google Blog on how to join in.

Dec 03, 13

This week global citizenship through education will be discussed in Thailand. 21st Century Skills are front and center and those who succeed will be those who overcome the worldwide financial struggles and invest in the future.

"UNESCO will hold an international Forum on Global Citizenship Education (GCE) in Bangkok, Thailand on 2 – 4 December 2013. Jointly organized by Division of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development at HQ, UNESCO Office in Bangkok – Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) and Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) in support of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative, the Forum will gather a large group of stakeholders, including policy makers, GCE experts, educational practitioners, civil society organizations, young people, and media from all regions of the world.
The overall objective of the Forum is to provide participants with the opportunity to share and exchange their experiences and ideas on the innovation to promote global citizenship education (GCE) and identify concrete actions to be taken at the national, regional and global levels to foster global citizenship through education"

Nov 30, 13

How to use Google Hangouts in the Classroom. Now that you can segment participation and let certain groups of students and educators participate in Google Plus, this is becoming a popular method of connecting classrooms. I'm setting up Google Hangouts on Air to record and send to the class YouTube channel to share conversations with guests and let those students who missed the day join in. I am also going to use these recordings as part of flipped classroom modules as I learn about using Sophia for flipping my classroom.

Nov 27, 13

Kim shares her presentation from GEC13. I've worked with Kim and she's been so helpful to me through the years. Hope this enlightens those of you wanting to participate in global projects.

Mar 05, 13

If you want to collaborate and do something globally but just have one or two days and have no budget, a sounding board for one of the Flat Classroom projects is a great way to get started. This is the website where we have information on what sounding boards do and how you can sign up now. The window of opportunity for this semester is closing so if you're interested, sign up now.

"A Sounding Board is a classroom that reviews the collaborative wiki pages created by students in the Flat Classroom Project.
Sounding Board classrooms are not part of this project in other ways, they come in specifically to review collaborative wikis and provide feedback to participating classrooms and students. They can be classes from typically Grade 6 and older.
Sounding Board classrooms will sign up to give feedback to assigned Topic / Wiki teams as shown on the HomePage.

The amount of time it will take to peer review will depend on the experience the class has with online global collaborations. Students will need to carefully review material posted on the wiki (including watching the videos or presentations associated with that group) and then provide thoughtful feedback using the linked Peer Evaluation Criteria.

More details can be found on the Sounding Board wiki of the project you are applying for. The current project is FCP13-1. See further instructions and method at

More information about Flat Classroom Projects can be found at"

Feb 01, 13

Over on Education is my life, they've just posted my guest post about how to design global education, big picture. If you're interesting in designing global projects, head over there and take a look.

Dec 13, 12

The debate dates and times are on this page.
Bracket A will be between the Quality Schools International Bratislava - Slovakia and Lounsberry HOllow Middle School on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 9 am.
Bracket C will be between Think Global School - Class 2 Argentina and Bettendorf Middle School (USA) on Thursday, December 13 at 9 am eastern.
As of right now, Bracket B between Bettendorf Middle School and the American International School of Guangzhou (China) is still being worked out - but it will be posted on this page.

When you were in high school you may have had regional or state debate, well, now students debate around the world. You can find out about entering your team in next semester's competition on the website. This project was invented by students at the first Flat Classroom conference in Doha, Qatar. Hope some of you can come.

Dec 06, 12

This is my public evernote notebook where I'm sharing notes about global collaboration in education, technology, and my notes from conferences. If you're following the leading edge of technology and use evernote, you can use this notebook to keep abreast of the things I'm collecting in this area. I've added Julie Lindsay to the notebook, so, we'll look to collect there as well.

Evernote shared notebooks are great ways to share collections of information in a slightly different format than bookmarks.

Nov 19, 12

Julie Lindsay and Think Global School and Flat Classroom have partnered to create the World Wide Think Tank and organization for students to brainstorm and take action on common issues. If you want to join - here is their wiki.

Nov 12, 12

An excellent guide with links to blackboard rooms in the guide. Download and use this as you jump from room to room and learn at the Global Ed conference.

Nov 12, 12

Barbara Morganfield is hosting this important conversation - it is time to begin connecting our preservice teachers at the college level.

"Through Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis’ Flat Classroom Projects (2013), many K-12 educators throughout the world are flattening classroom walls and providing extraordinary opportunities for students to connect, collaborate and learn from others around the globe. Through these projects, students use Web 2.0 technologies and incorporate 21st Century Skills, cultivating a rich understanding of culture and developing global awareness. This session aims to identify ways similar projects can be incorporated in college and university teacher education programs giving future teachers opportunities to develop the skills they will eventually be expected to teach.

This session intends to examine the questions:
What opportunities are available for teacher educators to flatten their classroom walls?
How can teacher education faculty collaborate to develop global collaborative projects for their students?
Can existing Flat Classrooms projects be redesigned to meet the needs of our future teachers? How?
What are the challenges in developing global collaborative programs for teacher education students?
What are the constraints that must be considered?
What are the benefits?
What are next steps?

Join this session and participate in a lively discussion focusing on flattening classroom walls in teacher education. "

Nov 10, 12

My friend Julie has written a great blog post on how to attend the Gloal Education Conference. You'll want to use this as a reference.

Nov 05, 12

A learning network with some fantastic Google hangouts- Julie and I were on this week talking about how to connect your classroom globally.

Nov 02, 12

The Global Education Conference will be from November 11-16 - online - and runs 24 hours a day. Julie Lindsay and I will just do one session this year so that you can hear the many stories. This will be held on Monday November 12 at 10 pm EST -- (Julie will be in Qatar and it will be 6am Tuesday) You can check your time zone here -

We want to share the most important stories from the Flat Classroom. This semester we have around 3,000 students from kindergarten through high school collaborating and merging classrooms - we've openly shared the pedagogies and best practices to make this sort of thing happen in our book Flalttening Classrooms, Engaging Minds but there is a need to tell up-to-the minute new stories that comes from a massively large project.

So many projects are starting to emerge that are amazing. Whatever you're doing in your classroom, are you flattenning it? Is global competency part of what you're doing. Students are the greatest textbook every written for one another - but are you opening the book? Join us.

"This session is brought to GEC by the original teachers, Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis, who flattened their classroom walls way back in 2006 using Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies. In January 2012 their book, 'Flattening Classrooms. Engaging Minds' has emerged as not just a pedagogical way forward for teaching and learning, but as a journey and a collection of stories from educators in many parts of the world who have witnessed and directed the powerful outcomes of collaborating beyond the classroom walls. The learning legacies from connecting with real world topics and real people have propelled teachers involved with Flat Classroom projects to innovative heights.

You are invited to join co-founders, Julie and Vicki, along with other global collaborative teachers who are out there redesigning curriculum to go 'beyond the wow' to hear stories about strategies, challenges, opportunities, and successes that emerge through global interactions. Hear about enlightened digital citizenship ideas and realities as well as how teachers in K-12 implement and sustain a flattened classroom within their school."

Oct 31, 12

If you have students, you'll want them to join.

"Flat Classroom® in conjunction with THINK Global School are excited to announce the formation of a Global Student Leadership Forum. After months of planning, the forum will be launched at the upcoming Global Education Conference when students will meet online and exchange ideas and plans for future development."

Oct 02, 12

This is a fascinating conversation about connecting, symbiotic relationships and more with some powerful, spot on answers. The teachers in our current Flat Classroom 12-1 cohort are amazing (and we have another cohort starting soon -- here's what we've been talking about this week.

"This is happening now. Live Mocha and other sites have tandem learning - each learner teaches the other a different language. In my classroom, I have the older students teach younger students about computer hardware. But we could be doing so much more.
Some professors like Dr. Leigh Zeitz (his students have served as expert advisors) and Dr. Eva Brown (her students helped run Eracism last year) are flattening their college classrooms with preservice teachers by having the teachers connect with high school and younger classrooms. These preservice teachers are understanding the nuances of the global collaborative classroom before graduating from college!
There are so many ways we could be creating these types of learning relationships. This week, let's publicly talk about our ideas and also experiences in creating these experiences. We can learn more and do more in this area and technology opens up limitless possibilities. What do you think?"

Sep 24, 12

For those of you interested in understanding fundamentals about the Flat Classroom projects, from kindergarten and up, we maintain a free, open help wiki that you may review to get information. This is our current guide for how we do things as we are always improving projects. 

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