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Dec 02, 11

The location of the podcast for the short Flat Learning Action talks we're now having with the Flat Classroom project students and leaders.

Nov 07, 11

A great learning community to find others. Just remember that sometimes teachers are taken in here because of PD and not because they are going to engage. Vet the teachers and take small steps before you jump in and plan a collaboration with someone who hasn't proven themselves as a collaborator.

Aug 18, 11

Here is detailed information and dates for the Flat Classroom certified teacher progra.

Jun 14, 11

The discussion forum for our Flat Classrooms ning has been reorganized to organize projects by grade level. Join in the conversation.

Nov 16, 10

Reading books and sharing information using videoconferencing. Cool Global collaboration sharing mentioned in the Global Education Conference.

May 13, 10

If you want to be involved!

In partnership with Elluminate, we are in the process of organizing a free virtual online global education conference to hopefully take place in November of 2010. Our conference strands are *tentatively* set to include: Teachers (professional development, training, etc.), Students (student-led initiatives, exchange programs, service learning etc.), Pedagogy (curriculum, digital citizenship, assessment etc. ), Policy and Leadership (exemplary schools, ICT infrastructure, government initiatives etc.), and Change (peace and social justice, equity, etc.).

If you are interested in joining our mailing list to stay informed of developments, please sign up using this form. We also are looking for people with various expertise and interests related to the following tasks:

- Serving on an international educator advisory board

- Recommending students to serve on a student advisory board

- Presenting a session at this conference

- Facilitating conference sessions in Elluminate

- Volunteering to develop the resource wiki

- Translating conference sessions and materials

- Volunteering to mentor other educators around the topic of developing global collaborative projects. We are seeking people who will partner with less experienced educators to introduce them to this concept.

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