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09 Aug 08

This incredible post by Beth Kanter is a must read for anyone in IT or working with web 2.0 and professional development. Understanding the intrisic value of a newcomer is so important for anyone working in these feels. Newcomers have more power now than they could ever imagine.

Newcomers, speak out and give your opinion. The power is in your newness and guess what, if you wait till you're an "expert" then you're just like all the other experts out there.

Also, it is better to be a newcomer than a latecomer!

09 Aug 08

Alternatives for antivirus. I'm quite tired of Norton completely slowing mycomputer down. When I'm on wifi my download time drops significantly and it is truly the firewall. I'm looking at this list of four items and probably going to install the free version of avast to try out.

04 Jul 08

You can find the most recent "beta codes" from pingfm on their twitter statuses. This is how I got in.

04 Jul 08

I've been spending some time on the various microblogging places and really don't have time to go to all of them, so now, I've used pingfm to update them all. (There is a place to go to get the most recent invite beta code, that will be my next link.) This great tutorial got me started on pingfm so that it will update all of the services I use. Very nice tutorial.

21 Jun 08

Cool little page that helps add techorati tags to one's blog. I may have to use this until the firefox 3 plug in is fixed.

Just type in the words, generate the code and copy it to the bottom of your blog.

28 May 08

Cool cool cool firefox extension that creates and edits screenshots of web pages. Soo cool!

09 May 08

Microsoft Office live is an online extension of Microsoft Office. I'm going to test this so that I can compare to other services. My students told me today, "If you have us test and compare and contrast, you should at least look at this as well." OK, I'm going in.

If you have Word on site it could be a place to collaborate with those who want a familiar environment. I'll let you know!

(Oh, and this also links to Office Live Small Business to create professional websites and manage your business. Interesting.

05 May 08

the 31 day comment challenge is a program to promote effective, meaningful comments run by several amazing edubloggers -- this is an example of something that those interested in facilitating effective communications should discuss and participate in.

29 Apr 08

This handy music player converts between ALL formats of music. I needed to take a song to put into a movie and converted it here. There are some robust tweaks that let you make your music sound better that I haven't even gotten into. (Hint, convert your mp3 to .wav to put in a movie.)

24 Apr 08

Microsoft Popfly lets you make mashups and build web pages without knowing code. I am to the point I don't teach the detailed web site creation coding I used to. I teach RSS, embedding, creating wikis, uploading media of all kinds, but I just don't know how important coding is any more at the basic level.

I want to spend some time tinkering with this.

29 Mar 08

This is a cool website for Christians with a "geeky" interest. I've really enjoyed it and plan to subscribe to it.

24 Mar 08

This is my favorite, free online place for the Bible. It allows me to look at multiple versions and annotated resources as well. It is free! I find it very useful to use with Google Notebook or Zohonotebook and plan to use it with Diigo now.

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