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20 Dec 11

While perusing Larry's back posts, I came across very cool website that lets you animate with stick figures. Definitely one I'm taking back to my students over break.

09 Nov 11

Play pacman while you search. A great play for those 80's searchers.

10 May 10

This is a really cool site that lets you create a group card and lets people sign the card. You can email or tweet out the link. What a really cool thing!

23 Apr 10

For tthose of you who have two screens - DUAL SCREEN WALLpapers - this site also has triple screen and quad screen wallpapers as well.

25 Jun 09

Put your face on a star of Star Trek and embed it on your blog. Lots of fun!

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10 Nov 08

Eduelf looks like it is going to be fun this year - I missed it last year. Join in!!

19 May 08

If you're a crazy Indiana Jones fan, Chris Pirillo has got some downloads of the Indiana Jones icons for your desktop! Cool!

I've already got tickets on Fandango for the 14 members of my immediate family. It is a huge family date night - kids and all! We're so excited, all we can say is "Jones!"

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