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Jul 24, 10

Great article about the different levels of cyberstalking and privacy concerns.

  • At Northwestern University, "Lauren Cohn" racked up 143 friends -- none of whom knew who she was. While we're not certain the school was involved in the fabrication, that's beside the point -- 143 people just let this chick into their social circles.
  • Still, take a gander at novelty apps like "Open Book," which allows you to search others' unprotected status updates for potentially incriminating info (I looked, and no, I would rather not know about the hot oral sex you had this a.m.),
  • cyberstalking thusly: "A course of conduct (more than one incident) that uses technology to track, intimidate, harass, threaten or scare victims." That could mean harassing you online or even using the internet to gather info that can be used for physical stalking.
Nov 19, 09

To me, this example is over the line but anything that takes away from your ability to teach is considered a problem and reason to fire you. I think this is no acceptable when the teacher had everything marked as private and did not allow parents nor admins on her facebook page - again, facebook is not secure.

Oct 26, 09

Net neutrality is an important issue being addressed by the US government right now to prevent companies from sort of creating their own version of the Internet. These rules are supposed to keep things "open." I'm also sending these to my digiteen students (you can follow digiteen at and Flat Classroom students ( for work on their project.

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