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Dec 20, 11

A ton of resources for the IBoard for these last few days before Christmas. Bookmark them and have them ready to go for next year. Meanwhile, parents at home with kids may find something for a child to play that reinforces a topic that kids are having trouble with at school. We always do math facts over break with my youngest.

Dec 07, 11

Free Christmas game for math for your ipad. Students can download and play. This helps with sequencing. I recommend this for children. This is part of the 12 games of Christmas that is free from tes. If you have ipads in your elementary school (ages 4-10) - this is a definite download. (Note: Full disclosure, I do work for TES promoting products of theirs that I like. What I feature is totally up to me. See my blog for details.)

Dec 07, 11

iPhone iPod Touch version - math game for kids that is free. Why not download this for the car and let them play it a bit to help them with math as you travel. Recommended or elementary age children aged 4-10.

Jun 28, 11

The showme app on the ipad has some fascinating potential. I am going to play with this over the summer. Would love to hear from anyone who is already using it.

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