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Sep 17, 13

This app creates a form where the data goes to your dropbox. I know that there are a lot of form makers out there, but this one is a great one if Dropbox is your go to app or if you use it to assess.

Feb 24, 13

Another website example of disclosures about the use of Google apps from a district in Oregon. This also references their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and frequently asked questions about Google Apps, another good thing to include.

Feb 24, 13

These are the permission forms for the Beaverton School District and Google Apps with specific disclosures about how usernames and passwords will be set up and downloadable permission forms. 

Mar 11, 12

Our eracism project form for setting up projects was taken down for terms of service violation. If you're collecting emails in a google form, you may get suspended. This is the second time. I suggest you collect emails, etc in forms other than google docs for this reason.

Aug 19, 11

You can use this online service to create forms and then collect responses online. It is from adobe so the forms look professional.

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