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Sep 29, 15

For those who are flipping or in flipping their classroom, here are some awesome video interaction tools. Don't just SHOW a video, have students interact with it. So many ideas here. Hat tip Jon Bergmann in a conversation he and I were having.

Nov 11, 14

Can you flip classes like PE, dance, and elementary education? This article from Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams shows you how. For example, I have some girls who want to flip cheerleading practice and are designing an app to do just that. Instead of learning dances at practice, why not upload the videos and music and have the girls learn it before practice. We're currently going to build this into the app for the school. AWESOME.

Oct 21, 13

Alchemy smartbinder is a new app that lets you create lessons (perfect for flipped classrooms) and measure student engagement with the data. This is something I'll be testing. It is in BETA but you flipped classroom pioneers out there will definitely want to give this a try.

Sep 25, 13

Screencasting (sharing your screen, often accompanied by narration) is an essential skill for all of us - especially if we teach. Here are 10 resources - one which may work on your mobile.

Mar 02, 13

Very interesting flipping classroom assignment app called Knowmania. They have a homework assignment tool coming soon. I think this is a fascinating tool and there are many lessons to choose from. Right now I don't see any pricing, but am looking into what model they are using to sustain themselves. Looks like a powerful flipping tool, particularly for homework.

Nov 26, 12

Whether you love or hate them, the sheer volume of their repository and the fact that some videos are useful has them in the limelight -- Bill Gates, their primary benefactor, also pushes them there, even though many of their videos have come under fire. This is an app to test and note.

"Non-profit Khan Academy, an organization dedicated to “providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere,” does so primarily through online video courses and lectures. The over 3600 videos are free and access is open to anyone (anywhere), allowing K-12 students to study math, science, computer science, finance & economics, humanities, and test prep. The organization was founded in 2006 by MIT and Harvard grad Salman Khan, who began by tutoring relatives and friends in Bangladesh while he worked as a hedge fund analyst in the States. His videos became so in-demand that he decided to quit his job and distribute them full-time, funded by donations from individuals and major donors like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation."

Sep 24, 12

YouTube adds questions (in beta) to be able to ask questions about a video. It is in Beta and they are asking for feedback. I am asking flipped class experts to do that.

Jul 30, 12

The right film and the right moment can create mood and meaning. Today in the Olympics, the swim coach was talking about how he had shown a clip from Saving private Ryan and teammembers took on a different air of brotherhood and working together as a team. Film can be a great motivator and teacher in the classroom when well done. It can also be a boring "beuller" moment if not picked well. I like how this blog post deconstructs the use of video and how it can be used effectively in the classroom. I think it is a great read for all teachers.

Jul 06, 12

New infographic surveying almost 500 teachers about flipped learning. 99% of teachers would use it next year. I am doing some work with Classroom Window and I love what they're doing with surveys and making the results meaningful to educators and decision makers. 

Of note, 88% of teachers said it improved their job satisfcation and 67% report an improvement of test scores.

Jul 06, 12

World wonders is a phenomenal new site for Geography, Literature teachers who use the flipped clas model as it is not just a video but an interactive experience. Here's a blog post I wrote about World wonders and how it works on a computer as well as an iPad with notes and links to lesson plans.

Jul 05, 12

A parody critiquing Khan Academy is making the rounds and more of them are sure to come in since "Mr. Meyer, along with Justin Reich, a blogger for EdWeek, is sponsoring a competition offering $750 in prizes to the best user-submitted videos critiquing Khan Academy lessons."

Khan is a start and has a very powerful supporter in the Gates Foundation, but after talking to those using the site for math instruction, I understand that the gamification elements behind working the math problems are what many teachers like. Some students use the videos to find answers and instruction when their teachers don't explain things well. However, I do agree that many of the videos could be improved. Of course, we need better videos to have an alternative because critiques right now are like chosing a set of store bought chocolate chip cookies or nothing. We need more elegant, informative videos for sure, but where to put them and how? Many open education services are providing the videos, but much of Khan's benefits are the searchability and the sheer volume of videos. What do you think?

Jun 28, 12

Here is my slidedeck for my 1:15 #ISTE12 pres on the Flipped Classroom in rm 11 #flipclass

Jun 28, 12

@janstearns Here you go Janice Flipped Classroom Full Picture: An Example Lesson #flipclass #iste12

Jun 17, 12

Help out the Flipped Learning Network by completing the survey! #flipclass #edtech #paistechies

Jul 09, 11

Check out this new cloud-based planner via @ktenkely, PlanbookEdu #edchat #evscrev11 #scichat #flipclass

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