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Sep 18, 12

I love this flickr pool and follow the pictures here to motive me and provide pictures for my digital "frame of fame" in my classroom - this new "socratic oath" about finding the genius in each child is a great one.

Jun 11, 09

New website that seems to be focusing on sharing graphics. Would love to know more if any of you are using it.

Jan 25, 09

Another flickr search tool from Jeff Utecht.

Jan 13, 09

A way to let you mashup a variety of sources to geotag photos.

Jan 13, 09

If you're looking for photos that are geotagged, you can use this little search engine to find geotagged photos. There are great applications for geotagging.

Jan 12, 09

Cool website that shows flickr photographs by location.

Sep 23, 08

I love this post by Darren Kuropatwa who talks about the transformation many, including himself, experience from just taking a photograph a day of their own person and surroundings. I find this fascinating and the links are great. This is a very rich post and insight into the types of things that cause change.

To me, reflecting on my blog is sort of an internal snapshot of my thinking at the moment and has been fundamental to my own transformation. Sometimes when we observe ourselves from a distance, we are able to make changes right up under our nose.

Jun 20, 08

Super cool add in for the new Firefox. Piclens gives you a 3 d way to browse videos and pictures on the web and is very very cool. Just remember that if you upgrade to firefox3 that some add ins won't work at the beginning. Firefox 3 has just entered public release which is usually about the time it has enough stability and support to make me happy.

Jun 18, 08

REsignation letter or work of prose?

Although many write off Stewart Butterfield's letter to Yahoo, as a creative person myself, I see the point of what he's saying.

Also, creative people think differently. Metaphorically. I understand what he is saying entirely. Not sure the engineers and many liked this one, but I thought it was fascinating.

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