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Feb 22, 13

The Flat Classroom conference is coming up March 7-10. We have an option for receiving credit (if you're international) and also for full participation. Virtual participants are an important part of our face to face conference as we seek to create experiences that flatten the conference as we collaborate in a problem-based environment. You'll have a team and work with them to create a project that can be brought to the world based upon principles that WORK. Click on this link to learn more about how you can participate in the conference remotely FOR FREE. ;-) We want you.

Mar 18, 12

This is the winning concept from the Flat Classroom mini-conference in Mumbai. "Jack out the books" is the idea that textbooks should be gamified -- "Jack out the books" is their desire for content to be delivered in a more engaging way.

Jun 14, 11

David Deeds traveled from inner China with a group of incredible students to the conference in Beijing. This is a great write up and the title really says it all "Working Hard, Having Fun" - the interesting thing is that only about 10% of teachers had criticism - they wanted it to be just lecture, they said working on projects was hard. ;-) But that is ok. As people begin to understand project based pd, they will hopefully gravitate to the learning mechanism that works for their learning style, although I think everyone should have to do projects every so often to keep skills sharp!

Oh, we'll be back in India in 2012 and are in the process of considering sites for our next full conference in 2013. This conference is run by our nonprofit which provides scholarships and discounts for the students attending the conference.

Aug 24, 09

The Flat Classroom group for ASB unplugged - if you are interested in participating in the conference in February Face to Face or Virtually. It will be so exciting!

Jun 25, 09

This photograph snapped by five students from five different countries at the flat classroom conference says it all.

Jun 21, 09

I love this video that George Haines and the students made about the experience of having students from around the world come together at the Flat Classroom conference. This is what they said about the conference - a phrase that the students coined and carried through the conference. Boy, what a great experience.

Jun 21, 09

Love how Steve shares about the friends he has made in Qatar! Scroll down to comments and click 3:12 to get directly there.

Jan 28, 09

I love this reflection from Carly about her experience at the conference and particularly this quote:

"thirdly (i thank) mum for getting on the Ning, and trying to be a part of it [the conference], i say good job, because the computer isn't really your thing, But I guess now it is :P"

  • hirdly Mainly for mum, but for getting on the ning, and trying to be a part of it, i say good job, because the computer isnt really your thing, But i guess now it is :P
     Thank you!
Jan 21, 09

Once this conference begins, this is the assignment my students will be doing. If you are in your classroom, you may want more structure for your work.

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