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Jan 20, 15

Awesome project with teacher Jacques du Toit and his ancient history class in Queensland, Australia. They played out 4 important events in Aztec history as the characters on Twitter. Very cool.
Just interviewed @jdtriver about his Tweeting Aztecs project - YOU CAN USE TWITTER TO TEACH HISTORY. Jacques Rocks!

Just interviewed @jdtriver about his Tweeting Aztecs project - YOU CAN USE TWITTER...
A3: I love @jdtriver 's Tweeting Aztecs project -- Twitter, History, Writing, AWESOME #satchatwc

A3: I love @jdtriver 's Tweeting Aztecs project -- Twitter, History, Writing, AWESOME #satchatwc …

Nov 27, 13

Kim shares her presentation from GEC13. I've worked with Kim and she's been so helpful to me through the years. Hope this enlightens those of you wanting to participate in global projects.

Apr 13, 13

Science and elementary teachers CAN'TMISS THIS. Every hour on earthday will mark another hangout by National Geographic with scientists and all kidsof amazing people. Get in on this! This is one of those things to forward!!
'This year National Geographic celebrates its 125th anniversary and a long legacy of exploration, conservation, and research. Every hour of every day, National Geographic explorers take to land, sea, and sky (each frontier represented by a colored band on National Geographic’s historic flag) trying to uncover, understand, or help care for the world around us.

Apr 12, 13

Edmodo and Facetime - how interesting. Some of the coolest ideas come from the Flatclassrooms educator ning and this is one of them. Learn more.

Apr 11, 13

If you're heading to ISTE and you're ready to collaborate globally, Julie Lindsay, Flat Classroom cofounder will be hosting a Flat Classroom workshop at the International School of San Diego on June 20-21 - here's the  information.

"Julie Lindsay, co-founder and Director of Flat Classroom, award winning global collaborative projects, and Flat Classroom Conference and Live Events Inc. unique collaborative live events for teachers and students, announces the June 20 & 21, 2-day 'Flat Classroom Workshop - Seven Steps to Global Collaboration'.

Educators who want to transform their learning and embrace global collaboration in their curriculum are invited to join Julie for a unique professional development experience at International School of the Americas in San Antonio, Texas."

Apr 11, 13

John Langley, teacher, keynoted our Flat Classroom and NetGen projects talking about collaboration and how it should extend from entertainment into schools. If you want to see how a "keynote" works asychronously, this is the format we use. John works with the student leaders on NetGen to help them facilitate their videos.

"As digital natives, your generation (labeled by Don Tapscott as the Net Generation) have become naturals at communication and collaboration. You have grown up with technology tools at your fingertips. My four year old daughter has proficiently used her iPod to play games and listen to her favorite Taylor Swift songs since she was one and a half. My 14 year old daughter stressed about one of her best friends getting enrolled in an academic program next school year across the country until she realized the Skype conversations that they have nearly every day will not change. The Net Generation is used to communicating and collaborating for fun. The business world is already using technology tools to communicate and collaborate, to be more efficient and productive, to reach a wider, more diverse market. It’s our responsibility as educators and students to use technology tools in education to communicate and collaborate through projects like the Flat Classroom projects that will prepare students for global citizenship."

Apr 08, 13

We need judges for multimedia for the Flat Classroom project and netgen. A topic will take 3-4 hours to judge during early May. This is a great way to learn about the emerging technology trends in education and technology and to see the current range of student abilities in digital storytelling. Some college professors have students participate as part of their coursework to understand how such projects work. If this is you, please contact us at lisa at flatclassroom dot org and we'll see what we can do to coordinate your needs. The Flat Classroom project judges a few weeks earlier than NetGen (early May versus NetGen in mid May). Thank you for your consideration and passing it along. This page is the instructions for the Flat Classroom project.

Mar 07, 13

If you have experience with debate and are an educator, we need you. Will you take one or two hours of your time (at most) and serve as a judge for the Eracism global debate project? We have students around the world debating now and need a few more educators. Here's information on signing up. We'll train you on how to share. it is done using voicethread. Thanks for your consideration. If you coach debate, you might want to familiarize yourself with this new debate format "simulated sychronous" using voicethread.

Mar 05, 13

If you want to collaborate and do something globally but just have one or two days and have no budget, a sounding board for one of the Flat Classroom projects is a great way to get started. This is the website where we have information on what sounding boards do and how you can sign up now. The window of opportunity for this semester is closing so if you're interested, sign up now.

"A Sounding Board is a classroom that reviews the collaborative wiki pages created by students in the Flat Classroom Project.
Sounding Board classrooms are not part of this project in other ways, they come in specifically to review collaborative wikis and provide feedback to participating classrooms and students. They can be classes from typically Grade 6 and older.
Sounding Board classrooms will sign up to give feedback to assigned Topic / Wiki teams as shown on the HomePage.

The amount of time it will take to peer review will depend on the experience the class has with online global collaborations. Students will need to carefully review material posted on the wiki (including watching the videos or presentations associated with that group) and then provide thoughtful feedback using the linked Peer Evaluation Criteria.

More details can be found on the Sounding Board wiki of the project you are applying for. The current project is FCP13-1. See further instructions and method at

More information about Flat Classroom Projects can be found at"

Feb 01, 13

Over on Education is my life, they've just posted my guest post about how to design global education, big picture. If you're interesting in designing global projects, head over there and take a look.

Jan 30, 13

I love this reflection from a teacher using the Flat Classroom 15 challenges as part of her coursework and studying the book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. I love how the teacher reflects on learning and what it means to be in a network of learning. Look at the conclusions the teacher draws while comparing learning to other students. This is the kind of learning we need to do!

I left this comment:
"I Love it! "I am sold." Well, I'm here, and I wrote the book. Here's another benefit of what you're doing. By sharing openly, you connect with others around the same topic. One tip. I use Google reader and if you use it, you can go into settings and create a "bundle" and share it with others so they can subscribe to the same feeds too! ;-) Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for mentioning the name of the book so I could find you and respond. I subscribe to a google blog search for the words "Flattening Classrooms" and everyone who blogs using those terms is sent into my RSS reader. Then, I checked Mr. Reader and was able to see what you're doing. This is "brand management" which is a third use of RSS as we talk about in the book! "

Jan 02, 13

I want to point out Terry Smith, a judge for Flat Classroom this past 8 weeks, and what he did as he did his judging. He used the process of judging to see what the students were saying about edtech and current trends as well as to have current information to share his students, but he also modeled excellent feedback by leaving messages for the students he judged. It is the words that communicate presence and the students who received messages from him came to me with excitement. While many of our amazing volunteer judges do this, I wanted to point it out because he did it so well. This is the link to the thread where we talked about what he did but you can also click on his name and see the kinds of comments he left and the videos he reviewed.

This is the kind of "flattening" that creates mutually beneficial symbiotic learning relationships but also gives us good feedback for improving what we're doing with the students. You can volunteer to judge projects on this website as well.

Dec 07, 12

Google plus has rolled out a "communities" feature that some of us are testing. I've created an open flat classroom community for those who want to talk about flattening the classroom and connecting around the world. Too early to tell you what I think. 

Dec 06, 12

This is my public evernote notebook where I'm sharing notes about global collaboration in education, technology, and my notes from conferences. If you're following the leading edge of technology and use evernote, you can use this notebook to keep abreast of the things I'm collecting in this area. I've added Julie Lindsay to the notebook, so, we'll look to collect there as well.

Evernote shared notebooks are great ways to share collections of information in a slightly different format than bookmarks.

Nov 21, 12

From my friend Kyle Dunbar - if you want to join in - sign up on her blog.

"I am giddy with excitement about the opportunity to host a Virtual Book Club discussing the fantastic book Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time by Julie Lindsay and Vicki A. Davis. The book club was announced last Sunday night in my school division and I am thrilled that we already have thirteen teachers signed up! Even better, we have teachers from across our school division and from all different grade levels. It is a wonderful thing when already busy teachers find time in their lives to discuss powerful educational ideas with their peers. 

Now, I am ready to get some global participation in this book club. I can't think of a better way to brainstorm about global projects than to have teachers from across the globe in the session together. So, we are inviting all teachers, parents, students, thinkers and learners out there to join us for six live meetings to share what they think about the projects, resources, and research discussed in Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds.

We will be meeting on Mondays at 7:30pm EST on the following dates:
January 7th
January 21st
February 4th
February 18th
March 4th
March 18th
(find the time in your area here)

Meetings will be live using Blackboard Collaborate and will last one hour. We will spend the time sharing thoughts about ideas raised in the book. It will also be a great opportunity to connect with other educators that share similar passions and beliefs about flattening our classrooms walls. We will share strategies and resources for building those 21st century skills like collaboration, communication and creativity in authentic ways.

Nov 19, 12

The "Youtube" keynote is a hinge of our projects - we have renegades and innovators from around the world share a challenge and thoughts for students and teachers as part of each project. Chris Betcher does something FASCINATING - he reaches back to his first global collaborative projects 10 years a go and has found the students from that project and shares what they are doing now.  I'm going to do the same in about  4 years with my first Flat Classroom students. It is tremendous how the students had a head start in the world by collaborating globally.

These would make great films for preservice teachers and your classroom. I highly recommend viewing this video. Why do we incorporate global collaboration into our classrooms? 

"Australia/Sydney-based award winning educator, Chris Betcher, talks about the long-term advantages for students of connecting and collaborating globally. He includes footage from his students today who worked on global projects over 10 years ago and the impact this had on their lives and future careers.
This keynote was produced for the Flat Classroom Project 12-2, November 2012.
Chris Betcher:"

Nov 12, 12

Barbara Morganfield is hosting this important conversation - it is time to begin connecting our preservice teachers at the college level.

"Through Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis’ Flat Classroom Projects (2013), many K-12 educators throughout the world are flattening classroom walls and providing extraordinary opportunities for students to connect, collaborate and learn from others around the globe. Through these projects, students use Web 2.0 technologies and incorporate 21st Century Skills, cultivating a rich understanding of culture and developing global awareness. This session aims to identify ways similar projects can be incorporated in college and university teacher education programs giving future teachers opportunities to develop the skills they will eventually be expected to teach.

This session intends to examine the questions:
What opportunities are available for teacher educators to flatten their classroom walls?
How can teacher education faculty collaborate to develop global collaborative projects for their students?
Can existing Flat Classrooms projects be redesigned to meet the needs of our future teachers? How?
What are the challenges in developing global collaborative programs for teacher education students?
What are the constraints that must be considered?
What are the benefits?
What are next steps?

Join this session and participate in a lively discussion focusing on flattening classroom walls in teacher education. "

Nov 05, 12

A fantastic example of how a teacher takes his students through the video creation process for Flat Classroom along with some wonderful handouts. If you teach video, you will get some ideas here. Students will also benefit from it.

Nov 05, 12

A learning network with some fantastic Google hangouts- Julie and I were on this week talking about how to connect your classroom globally.

Sep 11, 12

I just posted this on our Chapter 1 discussion from Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds. These forum posts are connected to the essential questions from each chapter and anyone can contribute. It is linked by QR code to the forum so that the conversation can happen outside the book with anyone who joins in. The forum is starting to light up with contributors and it is exciting. This is what I just posted today on this post.

I just want to note, with tears in my eyes, that it is amazing that it takes a bit of time from the day we completed the book (just a few days after this post was made) and when the book gets into the hands of the kind of people who are commenting below. I just want to say YES YES YES and dance around when I see the comments that are happening here. Hats off and welcome. It is time to talk about this!

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