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Jan 02, 12

I will download and test this 64 bit optimized firefox stand in that is a top download this week according to Lifehacker. I have been having problems with Firefox becoming a big of a memory hog. maybe this will help.

Nov 06, 11

This plug in is an incredible way to find pictures and graphics on the web. It is in Chrome and Firefox as a plug in and is very cool.

Oct 28, 11

This Firefox plug in update page checks your plug ins and helps troubleshoot a nonresponsive firefox. It helped me.

Sep 18, 11

This handy firefox add on lets you hold down the right mouse button and draw a square over a set of links. Then, it will open each of those links into its own tab. This is useful if you have students placing links on a page and need to open each link to assess them. This is the only firefox extension that I found compatible with the newest version of firefox, although it is preliminary, I've found it to work fine for me.

Apr 01, 11

Google Add ons for Firefox - some other excellent add ons if you use the google suite of products.

Apr 01, 11

An amazing list of firefox add ons for firefox 4. For those who want turbo-charged web browsing.

Sep 20, 09

An article about a new Firefox plug in called Ubiquity that is supposed to be particularly useful for people who have to translate quite a bit, but also adds custom programmability to ubiquity and your firefox web browser that allow you to close individual URLs, generate tiny urls, and all sorts of other things. WE'll see if this is the firefox plug in to end them all but I'll let you know. Meanwhile, if any of you have tested it, I'd love to hear from you.

Sep 04, 09

If you're like me and having awful trouble in Firefox these days, my friend Luke suggested that I reset everything in Firefox - here is the information on how to do that.

Aug 14, 09

Firefox add on browser that I'm told helps with searching for content similar to web pages you are own. Worth a try.

Aug 04, 09

Cool firefox add on that allows you to pull comments into google reader. It is called greactions and is very cool.

Jul 31, 09

Great, basic tips for why so many of us love firefox so much! Every time I do a workshop, I teach about tabbed browsing - you won't believe how many people don't know about it and it is one of the most useful things out there. Don't get so caught up in learning YOUR new thing that you neglect sharing something that could be someone else's most useful new thing!

Jun 11, 09

The collection of firefox add ons that I'm setting up for my students. I'll just keep this set up and the students can see the firefox plug ins I recommend.

Jun 05, 09

INteresting - how to test Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 - they have a portable app to allow you to test it without potentially messing up your computer and all of your precious firefox add ons- this is a great idea!

Oct 01, 08

There is a glitch in Firefox 3 and older versions of Java that CAN cause the keyboard to start typing backwards in URL and search boxes in Firefox 3.

This is the strangest thing, but it started happening to my class as they were working on Ning today. Checked everything and finally upgraded Java. So, if you're using Firefox 3 - upgrade your Java or you may start typing sdrawkcab !

Aug 23, 08

Glubble is a firefox plug in to allow you to sort of monitor/ filter what they view online without having to pay for a filter. Yes, it is a filter, but for elementary aged children, I think it could be a good idea. Would love to hear a review from a reader.

Jun 20, 08

Super cool add in for the new Firefox. Piclens gives you a 3 d way to browse videos and pictures on the web and is very very cool. Just remember that if you upgrade to firefox3 that some add ins won't work at the beginning. Firefox 3 has just entered public release which is usually about the time it has enough stability and support to make me happy.

Jun 19, 08

Firefox 3 is available for download now and is in public preview mode. I'm downloading it tonight and by the time this posts on my blog in the morning, I'll have some thoughts to share. What do you think?

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