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Jul 30, 12

The right film and the right moment can create mood and meaning. Today in the Olympics, the swim coach was talking about how he had shown a clip from Saving private Ryan and teammembers took on a different air of brotherhood and working together as a team. Film can be a great motivator and teacher in the classroom when well done. It can also be a boring "beuller" moment if not picked well. I like how this blog post deconstructs the use of video and how it can be used effectively in the classroom. I think it is a great read for all teachers.

Mar 15, 10

Film activity with critique.

May 26, 09

Cool tips on setting up teleprompter software in your video studio!! I WANT TO DO THIS at school. Scripts are one of the top issues we have with filming!

  • All you will need is a spare computer, a computer monitor, and teleprompter software.
  • Prompt! - a free full featured Teleprompter software package.
Mar 19, 09

For people who love to make movies on their cell phones. A lot of educators are participating in this network created by Janet English. They send you a prompt and you upload a video from your cell phone.

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