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Nov 12, 12

Learn to find hashtags for your field. Here are many of them for enviornmental issues.

"Top Eco-Inspired Hashtags

Click each hashtag for their corresponding definitions on our Dictionary.





#climate (#climatechange or #climateaction)




#EcoMonday – Dubbed as the #FollowFriday of environmentalism

#energy (#cleanenergy)

#environment (#econews)

















Oct 06, 12

A new set of videos and guides are available to talk about Louisiana's coastal issues. This overview by Susan Gauthier on the Discovery Ed website is a good one for science teachers who teach about the Gulf of Mexico.

Jun 19, 12

There is a nice set of videos about sustainability on the tes website including this one about convergence and collaboration.

May 27, 12

We are interdependent on this planet.This is no surprise that they are finding that the pollution in China and India are affecting the climate elsewhere - like here in the US. When I went to Beijing last year, I came home and my hair started falling out. I wasn't sure if it was related but I did find the correlation suspicious. We've seen this for years - we would outlaw chemicals that my Dad could use on his US based farm only for grocery stores to start buying produce and crops grown in other countries with that very same chemical used on the crops. This inconsistency not only hurts the US economy but in the long run hurts the world. We need to be responsible stewards of our planet.

May 25, 12

June 5 is World environment day. Here are some lessons and resources that you can use to talk to students about maintaining a healthy, sustainable world.

Apr 18, 12

Arbor Day foundation. You need to order your trees for April 27. It is time! Here's the official website to get ready.

Apr 18, 12

Arbor Day is April 27. It is time to celebrate and plant trees. Have you ordered your trees? Here are some great lesson plans.

Mar 29, 12

Here's a game about recycling for children. Every time it is played, the company sponsoring it will plant trees.

Mar 29, 12

The students are talking about this - are you? On March 31 - earth hour day is the "largest environmental event in history." Can you switch off for an hour? Can your students? This is a great thing to do with your students but also to have as a writing prompt. Did you participate? Why or why not? What did you do with your hour? Here are lessonplans to share and use to discuss this. It is Saturday.

But Earth Hour Day (31 March), the largest environmental event in history, reminds us that switching off can be a good thing. Make a stand in 2012 and teach students about climate issues – prepare them to take responsibility for change in the future with this hand-picked selection of lesson plans and activities.

The official Earth Hour Day website

Mar 27, 12

I like that those in the great lakes area are talking about the important things that those living in the Great Lakes area should know. This points out one important factor as one moves to common core approaches. We must leave room in the curriculum for local and regional issues. In fact, I think it should be carved out of the standards that local literacy in history, science, literature, and all subjects should be included. This is part of the "think globally act locally" glocalization that Friedman talks about in his book. As states move to Common core - they must again, specify some room for local issues.

Jul 15, 11

Create an edible school garden. I like this model that lets the school buy it or offers to set up a custom web page to help the school fundraise for it.

We have a garden at our school that the students run and they LOVE IT.

Jul 13, 11

This website helps US public schools install and pay for solar power.

Jan 16, 09

Middle-school students across the United States are invited to submit
their solutions to environmental problems in their communities. Teams of two to three students from sixth through eighth grade working with a teacher will identify an environmental issue in their community, research the issue using
scientific investigation, and create a replicable green solution using
Web-based curriculum tools.

Apr 10, 10

Are your studetns ready to become eco-heroes?

Sign up for this.

"The Siemens Foundation, Discovery Education and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) are partnering again this year to educate, empower and engage students and teachers nationwide to become "Agents of Change" in improving their communities through the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge. This year the Challenge expands to high school, by inviting students in grades 9-12 to join the effort to meet the environmental challenges of our age. This new phase of the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge kicks off today at an exclusive screening of Discovery Channel's new documentary LIFE at Philadelphia's renowned Franklin Institute in conjunction with the NSTA National Conference."

Sep 09, 09

Planet connect grants for students with ideas for how to fix environmental problems in their school or local community. A great way to promote action. (Hat tip to my friend Salim Al-Busaidi)

Jul 04, 09

"There is a problem with energy literacy" says Chevron CEO, David O'Reilly, in Thomas Friedman's Hot Flat and Crowded - Julie and I are working to incorporate this into our next Flat Classroom mini-conference in Februray and we turned up this energy literacy nonprofit. This is fascinating.

Aug 23, 08

Some students have started this to promote environmentally sound actions. This is run by students and I saw a little profanity on the home page.

Oct 02, 08

Travelocity has worked to create a course on carbon offsets and wants help naming their eco-bunnies. This looks to be something fascinating for elementary teachers. Would love to hear what you think?

Sep 11, 08

Chapter 18 for Hot, Flat and Crowded -- you can contribute your best ideas for clean energy, energy efficience, and what can be done for chapter 18 -- please share.

Authors are increasingly willing to communicate and share information in print received online. This would be something great for kids.

Aug 23, 08

Students interested in environmental issues, the forecast earth summit is open for applications. Twenty students will be flown to Washington DC, December 5-7. This is sponsored by the weather Channel.

Do you know a student who would be a good eco ambassador?

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