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Jul 17, 12

Wikia is a massively growing website where people create wikis and remix content on video games, entertainment, and lifestyle issues. It is sort of a mix of graphics, wikis, and entertainment and shows how collaborative spaces are reaching every aspect of our lives.

Jul 07, 12

Kevin Jarrett pointed out to me that Common Sense media now has movie reviews for kids to help you determine what is appropriate for your children. Again, you have to take everything under advisement ad make decisions for yourselves but as long as we go to whatever Hollywood dishes out, they'll keep doing it. (After all, they did research and found that a "G" rating was a "death sentence" for a movie. That is crazy.)

Jul 07, 12

My Friend Anne Truger recommended this site as a place to go for movie reviews for kids. You have to be careful not to read too much of it or you'll hit spoilers. I like this - it hits the different areas: sex and nudity, violence and gore, and profanity. I've had a couple of movies that I've felt were over the top on profanity and trash talk lately and am going to be checking out websites like this one from now on. This is one to share with parents.

Jul 04, 12

Andy Griffith shaped my childhood. His "Andy Griffith" show was such a beautiful depiction of small town America that still rings true in many ways. He inspired me and I still watch the show. Of course, many claim his greatest accomplishment was giving Ron Howard his start in show business. RIP, Sheriff Taylor, you left a legacy and taught many of us.

Jan 14, 11

My friend Cheryl Oakes now also has the amazing Roku box - a great addition to anyone's home theater. I love mine (now I can watch to my heart's content.) I link to netflix and hulu plus which we watch more than our cable tv box!

Jul 24, 10

The Live streaming tv catalog on Clicker is totally incredible. Wow! How useful. This is just a sample day.

Jul 24, 10

I"ve been "Playing with" clicker and think that this site is going to be a fascinating one. Right now, I'm the first one of my facebook friends on the site and it is pretty new.

It will be interesting how this works out - it scans all the websites and tells you where shows are available and you can create a playlist.

It is sort of like an aggregator for media that is also social. I think there is a a lot of potential here. Will just "Play around" with it for now.

Jul 24, 10

New "social television" - you rate your shows, watch them, "check in" on the show. This is going to be very interesting.

  • "Among younger people, so much has the habit grown up of downloading copyright material from the internet that a claim of entitlement seems to have arisen to have what is not theirs for free."
  • UK's Digital Economy Act - that internet access is a 'fundamental human right', and that copyright enforcement infringes privacy.
  • After 28 days and two letters, the ISP may serve a 14-day disconnection notice during which time the user may appeal or promise to stop for good.
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