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Dec 04, 14

Immediately responding to your email makes you worse at your job! Researchers recently coined a term for this urge to immediately respond to emails and engage in obsessive thoughts about returning an email to one's boss, colleagues or clients: "workplace telepressure." They found that telepressure is not only a major cause of stress at work, it's also a health hazard. The research, which will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, found that a fixation on work email can contribute to physical and mental burnout.

Apr 10, 14

Excellent article on email and how to get people to join you and learn from your organization via email. Written by Help Scout.

Apr 10, 14

If you're using Mailchimp (or even if you're not) these incredible resources from Mailchimp can help you work with your email list.

Oct 05, 13

If you hear people talk about "Inbox Zero" - here are the original documents to help you understand what it is.

Sep 10, 13

This website will sweep through your inbox and help you unsubscribe from the many mailing lists. Although Google does filters, I find it much nicer to just have this stuff swept out of my inbox and to unsubscribe. I'm on mailing lists I know I didn't sign up for so this is a blessing.

Feb 14, 12

So, if you want to delete only the attachment to an email in gmail, the only way to do this is in Thunderbird. This is unfortunate as there are many times I wish I could have the email but delete the message itself. Here is how if you  have to.

Here is a solution for deleting email attachments in Gmail without deleting the message itself. 

This is a better way then forwarding the message to yourself because you actually save the original message and timestamps, but with attachments removed.  This solution gets the results you want, albeit a little time consuming.  The basic idea is access your gmail account as an IMAP account using Thunderbird, and then use Thunderbird’s feature for deleting attachments.  You just need to make sure messages are first moved to a local folder, then moved back to an imap folder.

- Determine messages in Gmail that need an attachment removed.
- Access these messages in Thunderbird via IMAP access.  To make this easier, in the Gmail web interface you can create a new label such as "delete-attachments" for these messages.
-Select messages in TB and "Copy To" a local folder.  This will download a copy of the message and attachment(s) to your local drive.
-Then, using the Gmail web interface, delete the messages permanently.
-Return to Thunderbird and access the messages stored in the local folder. 
-Delete the attachments in the locally-stored messages individually. 
-Finally select the messages and use the "Move To" command and select a label within Gmail to move the message.  This will copy the messages back to Gmail without the attachment and upload the message to Gmail servers with original time stamps. 

Feb 10, 12

My friend Beth Ritter-Buth showed me this gem that runs through your inbox with a hatchet, helping you remove the bulk and junk subscriptions that fill things up. 

Dec 29, 11

This is a great post with guidance on helping people use email more efficiently. If you use Google apps for domains, the tools that let you analyze your email use will be great. If you teach digital citizenship and literacy, this is a great starting point for teaching about email. No, email is not free, it costs us time. 

Nov 11, 11

Zero mail is making productivity news for its purpose and its pricing.It is charging a $100 lifetime fee but says it is super-simple email management. It does things like clean out things that aren't needed (like twitter notifications) and zaps mail that is not from a real person. I wish I could demo before paying the fee to see if it works but I've seen good reviews so far.I wish gmail would look and learn from some of these features which look very cool. Yes, I fight and struggle with email.  It also helps you outsource things in your inbox with one click (an interesting concept.)

Nov 07, 11

Another cloud alternative for managing documents and email. For those that may prefer Microsoft or are very heavy Microsoft Office users, this is the site where you can sign up.

Nov 29, 10

We wonder why we feel frustrated and upset all of the time? Perhaps it is because over half of US workers check email while "off." Can we have thanksgiving when our nose is in our work? Why can't we just leave it behind?

  • found that among those who do check work e-mail, 55 percent do so once a day, while 28 percent check it multiple times. Men are more likely to answer the call of the BlackBerry; 67 percent check their messages compared to 50 percent of women.
  • found that among those who do check work e-mail, 55 percent do so once a day, while 28 percent check it multiple times. Men are more likely to answer the call of the BlackBerry; 67 percent check their messages compared to 50 percent of women.
Aug 31, 10

Really cool new feature in Gmail -- priority inbox. I have it on one account but the other has not received it yet!!

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