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Feb 05, 13

This website has activities organized from K-8 for science experiments and online activities. Some interesting ideas here.

Feb 05, 13

You can go to this website and find some cool ideas for science competitions.

"The Elementary Science Olympiad offers over 80 challenging and motivational events which are balanced among the various science disciplines of life science, earth science, and physical science. These individual and team events also offer a balance among events requiring knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills, and applications. While a number of the events are in the form of a general quiz, the majority provide an element of "hands-on" participation allowing the "active" study of science. The emphasis is on learning, participation, interaction, and having fun."

Jan 05, 13

A very useful livebinder by some teachers on QR codes in the elementary school with information and guides. I've found this is pretty updated even though the first page has a description from 2010. Very useful if you want to use them in your classroom or library at the elementary level.

Dec 18, 12

Share this one with elementary teachers - a fun math fact game to play for grades 1-5.

"It's time to put up the Christmas lights! But wait! Before you can put up the Christmas lights, you must correctly answer as many math problems as you can in one minute. You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts. The more math problems you solve correctly, the more lights you will be given to decorate your house!"

Dec 13, 12

Phillip Done, who has written some super cute elementary school teacher-inspired books, is now teaching in Budapest -and has a new blog. He's a great writer - and teaches Third graders. I love teachers who blog and here's one I've put in my RSS reader.

Nov 26, 12

This craft gives you information on how to make a poinsettia, a craft some of you teachers may enjoy in December.

Jul 08, 12

Sesame Street has taken more than 1000 videos (all for elementary school) and aligned them with Common Core standards on the sharemylesson website. This is a great account for elementary teachers to follow on the site.

Jun 30, 12

As you work to integrate Common Core standards into your classroom, it may help to look at sample lessons. In this set, you can see lessons, presentations, and assessments working with informational text (grades 3-5). Remember that you can search the site by grade level and common core standard and that other subject areas besides Common Core are included on the site.

Apr 24, 12

For those working with elementary students integrating global competency, these 428 lesson plans and activities are great ways to cover geography and the cultural literacy that is needed by today's students. 

Jan 16, 12

IF you love the Hungry Caterpillar in your classroom, you will enjoy these math activities built on the hungry caterpillar. Printables and a game.

Dec 17, 11

Teacher Karie Huttner shares how her third grade classroom is using FaceJack and Discovery images along with demonstrations and videos. I think that using image data banks is a great idea because licensing and copyright is not an issue in this case. FaceJack is an app. Cool work here and great sharing including how they cite sources. Elementary teachers will enjoy her blog.

Nov 30, 11

Here's the content of the 12 games of Christmas teaching pack.

NOTE: IF you download, you will probably have to manually enter your school's information, especially if you are from outside the UK as many of us are just coming into the TES platform now.

Apr 10, 08

A great website with a lot of games for elementary age children. Some of them are flash so test before using on the ipad.

Sep 30, 08

This is an INCREDIBLE website that NSharoff ( from New York has shared with me!
Great site!
New games. The big hit is Word-O-Rama, a game show format for vocabulary practice that works great on a big screen or for individual use. The game mixes practice with definitions, usage, antonyms, and synonyms. The other new learning activities are a vocabulary test, a definitions match game, and a parts of speech game. Everyone can use these activities on the site’s hundreds of resource and sample lists. Only premium members can use them on their own lists.

New resources. We have incorporated definitions for forty thousand words. We have written definitions for EACH major usage of a word so some words have many usages. For instance, the word scale has five usages (for a device that weighs, climbing, fish skin, musical, proportion like on a map). We have a sentence, spoken by a human, for each definition illustrating its use. Each use has a part of speech identified with it. And we have added synonyms and antonyms.

Nov 04, 11

Tons of interactive white board resources - FREE ONES from @Tesconnect - I'm sending all of these to our kindergarten teachers. Lots of great free stuff. TES is in the UK so sometimes the terms are different but great resources.

Aug 22, 11 has a narrated picture book that teaches kids that going to the doctor is not so scary. Interactive site to use with kids

Jul 14, 11

Nice write up on how Brad Flickinger is running his elementary classroom with a lot of high-quality technology equipment where the students serve as mentors for each other. Love this model.

Hat tip: Robert Madden

Jun 27, 11

Collaborative writing and editing continues to move into the classroom. If the pundits didn't like wikipedia, what about a dictionary that students build for themselves?

"The purpose of this project is to create a free, open simple dictionary for students to use. This dictionary will ultimately be published in a variety of formats and for multiple platforms. 
To add to this project, find a word you'd like to write a definition for or click "Instant Karma" for a random word. Please consult the style guidelines for editorial information."

Jun 27, 11

KB Connected's livebinder with some great animal webcams. If you study animals, this is a great place to go for resources. Why not let your students build these resources for you?

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