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Jan 26, 14

Fun! A Milk Carton Construction Contest! This is something you can do with all students (and win $5,000 in the process.) This is a fun one to share with elementary teachers.

Evergreen Packaging is challenging school age children to become more eco-friendly with their nationwide Made By Milk Carton Construction Contest. For the past 3 semesters, students have been using their creativity to build art creations from recycled school milk cartons based on specific themes. Schools have the chance to win up to $5,000 for their creations.

The Spring 2014 contest theme is “Stories,” and entries are being accepted now until April 16, 2014.

Dec 02, 13

Tynker has many exciting coding games that you can play with students. Start with these for your elementary classrooms.

Oct 21, 13

Kevin Honeycutt is creating a youtube channel about Geography. Geography teachers might be interested in sharing and following this YouTube channel. Kevin does such a great job on so many things. It is a sock puppet, but you can also use this as a model and have your students do their own sock puppet geography reports in this style. This will protect their privacy and also let them learn about a new location.

Feb 24, 13

Free textbooks in a variety of topics on CK-12. This is promoted as "learning made simple." Do students know how to find and download alternate sources of information? Can they find and search for the topics they are currently studying? This is a valuable way to compare and research topics.

Jan 12, 13

a Portal build for an elementary school with links that they'll be using on each module in class. This is a nice, concise way to share links with parents for the year.

Dec 13, 12

Phillip Done, who has written some super cute elementary school teacher-inspired books, is now teaching in Budapest -and has a new blog. He's a great writer - and teaches Third graders. I love teachers who blog and here's one I've put in my RSS reader.

Nov 26, 12

This craft gives you information on how to make a poinsettia, a craft some of you teachers may enjoy in December.

Jul 08, 12

Sesame Street has taken more than 1000 videos (all for elementary school) and aligned them with Common Core standards on the sharemylesson website. This is a great account for elementary teachers to follow on the site.

Apr 24, 12

For those working with elementary students integrating global competency, these 428 lesson plans and activities are great ways to cover geography and the cultural literacy that is needed by today's students. 

Nov 30, 11

Here's the content of the 12 games of Christmas teaching pack.

NOTE: IF you download, you will probably have to manually enter your school's information, especially if you are from outside the UK as many of us are just coming into the TES platform now.

Nov 23, 11

Downloadable video "weather around the world" filmed in 5 different climactic regions. This includes multiple lesson plans and downloadable videos - all for free. (Another @TEsconnect resource)

Sep 12, 11

This guide is from Dr. Louisa C. Moats and the International Dyslexia Association. It bridges research into practice to create a "research-based tool for practitioners." These are the standards used by the IDI to guide teachers of reading, spelling, and writing.

Jul 14, 11

Digital Scholastic is free for the rest of this summer and is being marketed for your IWB. Looks like some interesting content.

Jul 14, 11

Nice write up on how Brad Flickinger is running his elementary classroom with a lot of high-quality technology equipment where the students serve as mentors for each other. Love this model.

Hat tip: Robert Madden

Jul 13, 11

A childhood obesity program centering around some really cute puppets. These guys are cute. They have a program you can use in health class too.

Jun 27, 11

Some lovely video resources. For US educators, they have the resources aligned with US standards. You can register on the site and organize the resources into your own folders (like for your classes.) 

"Teachers' Domain is a free digital media service for educational use from public broadcasting and its partners. You’ll find thousands of media resources, support materials, and tools for classroom lessons, individualized learning programs, and teacher professional learning communities."

Mar 22, 11

I got a nice thank you note from Miranda Adams from the blogger post I wrote yesterday. I hope you'll take time to read her third grade blog. Here is her mission:

"I teach third grade in a HIGH poverty county. I am the ONLY teacher I know of in my area that uses a blog to try to bridge the home-school gap but I'm at a loss for how to do it. I truly want to make a difference because I feel like I am the only person some of these kids have."

What a beautiful teacher and a hero! This is a lovely blog and obviously a work of love!

Jun 29, 09

Roosevelt Elementary School 3rd grade wiki that has all types of projects.

Jun 29, 09

Voices of the world project. This is a project that kindergarten teacher Maria Knee participates with. It is a fascinating collaboration of students.

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