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Feb 06, 14

Writing contest for Kindergartners through third grade from PBS.

Jan 26, 14

Fun! A Milk Carton Construction Contest! This is something you can do with all students (and win $5,000 in the process.) This is a fun one to share with elementary teachers.

Evergreen Packaging is challenging school age children to become more eco-friendly with their nationwide Made By Milk Carton Construction Contest. For the past 3 semesters, students have been using their creativity to build art creations from recycled school milk cartons based on specific themes. Schools have the chance to win up to $5,000 for their creations.

The Spring 2014 contest theme is “Stories,” and entries are being accepted now until April 16, 2014.

May 06, 13

Great information shared by Bob  Sprankle on why you should use Scratch with kids. If you work with elementary curriculum or teach in an elementary STEM or computer lab read this.

"THIS is the true intent of Scratch. Mitch Resnick made Scratch with his team at MIT. The team is (purposefully) called “The Lifelong Kindergarten Group” because in kindergarten we are allowed (or used to be allowed) to try things out, build things and knock them down, make a mess, experiment, fool around with tools, CREATE! Resnick says that we should be allowed to be working like that ALL the time —for our entire lives—because that is HOW WE LEARN BEST. It is the natural way the brain operates."

Apr 20, 13

I love how this teacher used both sides of the brain to engage her students in test review. They painted, wrote and reviewed. Here here!

Mar 08, 13

A very interesting platform that teachers of younger students are using for them to create and share what they are doing. It seems to be more visually based rather than text based. It is free and right now has two versions, one for the classroom and another for home. It is in beta and if you sign up now it is free. Would love to hear what some of you think.

Mar 05, 13

If you want to collaborate and do something globally but just have one or two days and have no budget, a sounding board for one of the Flat Classroom projects is a great way to get started. This is the website where we have information on what sounding boards do and how you can sign up now. The window of opportunity for this semester is closing so if you're interested, sign up now.

"A Sounding Board is a classroom that reviews the collaborative wiki pages created by students in the Flat Classroom Project.
Sounding Board classrooms are not part of this project in other ways, they come in specifically to review collaborative wikis and provide feedback to participating classrooms and students. They can be classes from typically Grade 6 and older.
Sounding Board classrooms will sign up to give feedback to assigned Topic / Wiki teams as shown on the HomePage.

The amount of time it will take to peer review will depend on the experience the class has with online global collaborations. Students will need to carefully review material posted on the wiki (including watching the videos or presentations associated with that group) and then provide thoughtful feedback using the linked Peer Evaluation Criteria.

More details can be found on the Sounding Board wiki of the project you are applying for. The current project is FCP13-1. See further instructions and method at

More information about Flat Classroom Projects can be found at"

Mar 05, 13

An interesting project.
"Circling the globe from east to west, urban or rural, we each live in a unique community. What can we learn from our area, from our varied citizens or natural resources? This standards based project seeks to tap into the creative nature of students as they look at their community with new eyes and explore ways to share their findings with others using videoconferencing and technology as a resource."

Mar 02, 13

This is Tabitha Carro's teacher blog with lots of resources, classroom posters. This looks like a great site for elementary teachers.

Feb 24, 13

This is an online art museum for student work. This permission form is used by artsonia, a student online art museum. It is a great place to participate and share artwork. Also, I like how artsonia allows parents to moderate the comments left on their child's artwork. This form also asks for parent volunteers. This is a nice way to share your student's best work.

Feb 16, 13

Backchannels in the classroom - this is a fantastic guide by Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 of just about everything about backchannels.

Feb 05, 13

You can go to this website and find some cool ideas for science competitions.

"The Elementary Science Olympiad offers over 80 challenging and motivational events which are balanced among the various science disciplines of life science, earth science, and physical science. These individual and team events also offer a balance among events requiring knowledge of science facts, concepts, processes, skills, and applications. While a number of the events are in the form of a general quiz, the majority provide an element of "hands-on" participation allowing the "active" study of science. The emphasis is on learning, participation, interaction, and having fun."

Jan 24, 13

Twitter conversations lead the most interesting places. Leah Obach is a first grade teacher who uses evernote to keep an efolio for each student. She creates templates and each child has a stack including photos and pictures of the child's work. She uses this during parent conferences to show what each child has done. Wow! This blog post is a must read for anyone looking at evernote or at streamlining assessment at the elementary level. I'm quite intrigued and want to know more. She's also shared her templates for assessing a variety of things for first grade - counting, etc.

Applause for what she is doing, but also for taking the time to write the blog post when having a conversation with another teacher on Twitter. This is how we teach and encourage each other to know more. I'm debating about what would be appropriate to do with my students.

Jan 21, 13

Aaron Maurer, a Flat Classroom Certified teacher, has started the Bald Eagle project that we are incubating. At Flat Classroom, our goal is to help foster and create powerful online learning projects. While our premier projects are run by teachers and require a small fee, the incubation projects are being incubated and supported by our other projects and efforts,so you can apply and join in. Here's information on the project. Aaron is top notch.

Dec 18, 12

Share this one with elementary teachers - a fun math fact game to play for grades 1-5.

"It's time to put up the Christmas lights! But wait! Before you can put up the Christmas lights, you must correctly answer as many math problems as you can in one minute. You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts. The more math problems you solve correctly, the more lights you will be given to decorate your house!"

Sep 22, 12

These are complete mini-topics that are a week's worth of activities and lesson plans on each topic for ages 4-11. This pulls together lesson plans, interactive whiteboard resources, and printables and will be helpful for teachers in a tight or who need to quickly emphasize a topic where they know students have problems.

Sep 22, 12

These are practice games to give students to practice skills including mental math and phonics.

Sep 22, 12

Here are teaching tools that you can use to teach a topic. From piggy banks to teach money to number lines. This is a must use site for elementary teachers.

Sep 14, 12

September is Hispanic Heritage Month. As you incorporate this topic into your classroom, here are some great ideas to share with your classes. It is also a nice time to use the Spanish language for those students who do not speak it as well as to enjoy some wonderful food.

Sep 14, 12

Here are some common core aligned lesson plans for the first day of autumn. From poetry, to imagery, to assemblies, plan ahead. For those of you who really want to flatten your classroom, connect with a school in the southern hemisphere as they celebrate the first day of spring. ;-)

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