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Dec 08, 13

Some of the great tools you can use to connect with students remotely. My sister uses Adobe Connect and loves it.

Oct 03, 13

Jane Hart has her list of 100 Top tools for learning 2013 based upon her 7th survey. This is usually a pretty good indicator and I would agree with it for the most part.

Apr 15, 13

Love the rapid elearning blog. With over 102K subscribers, it is jam packed with great material. This organized blog post has some great information and links to tutorials.

"Today I am going to fix that. I have listed every blog post that has a video tutorial that shows how to create something related to online learning. So, if you’re just getting started with building online learning courses (or new to the blog), now you have a handy resource with links to all sorts of rapid elearning tutorials."

Jan 11, 13

My sister is an online professor for Savannah College of Art and Design and teaches graphic design without ever being face to face with her students. The things she does with Adobe Breeze and Adobe products totally blow me away - she has such a great relationship with her students and a warm, encouraging classroom (from what the students I've met online tell me. I know she's my sister and some of you are wondering why on earth I'd share this on my blog. Well, it is because I'm proud of her and many of her conversations with me over dinners and plane trips and car rides have so shaped what I do on this blog. She gives me thoughts and advice and is the one member of my family who reads (almost) everything I write. I'm so grateful for her advice and wisdom and, yes, mentorship - although she's my younger sister - there's nothing baby about her. If you want to know about the elearning award and measures they used, you can read this article linked. Congratulations, Sarah, I'm proud of you sister, and thank you for all you've taught me. you ROck elearning, I'm so proud of this award.

Nov 08, 12

Stephen Downes asks an important question as someone found a big error in a course at Coursera. Whose job is it to correct errors? If this error stays put and there is no system for reporting it, I think it will be telling. Many can put content up, but who is going to interact and keep it updated?

Oct 23, 12

This meta mooc says it will "involve students at the center of the experiment in the future of their education." The point is that MOOCs haven't really changed much. If you think MOOCs have potential but aren't sure what, this may just be the experience for you -- I find the thought intriguing.

"The excitement comes from the open structure that means we are hoping to be joined by anyone anywhere in the world, not for a conventional MOOC (Massive Online Open Learning) where talking heads tell you what they think but in a Meta-MOOC: a class where we think about how we think, learn about how we learn, collaborate on new collaborative management practices, and together actually create a platform for colearning with a "massive" group of interested others worldwide. This experiment is for anyone frustrated about MOOC's being billed as "revolutionary" learning when, too often, MOOCs simply are a video of the most conventional old-school form of teaching: the lectur

Jul 27, 12

80% of schools are giving kids access to learning from home? I'm not sure how they count this but I know that 80% of students don't have access to the Internet at home, so this is misleading.

Jul 06, 12

A new study shows most professors are afraid of elearning and the growth of online courses. I predict that in 4-5 years the same will be true of traditional classroom teachers. The fact is that we all must be innovative and learn to teach in blended and online environments. Change creates victims and victors - with great change comes great opportunity. The one thing I can promise is if you do nothing and ignore it, you'll not be on the winning side. Learn. Connect. The Flat Classroom is a fact and it is here -- we're doing it in k12 and it is about to grow exponentially. After schools flip they're going to flatten. One leads to the other.

Feb 03, 12

Online classes and courses in all types of topics. 

Jan 25, 12

How do you determine what an online course is? I love Stephen Downes' tongue in cheek thought on how this is being defined. great points.

Dec 31, 11

This is a course for Spring Branch ISD which uses a blog as the framework. I also love how 9 hours of professional development is being given for the educators in this course. We need more embedded PD that gives teachers an opportunity to embed their learning in their daily activity. Embedded PD is the key to transformational learning. While there is a time and place for getting away, we have traditionally only used that "away" method when we also need to use the "learn right here" method of delivery as well.

Take a look at what Karen is doing here as you evaluate your pd delivery methods. I also have to admit that Spring Woods High school is one that has been an outstanding contributor to Flat Classroom in the past, so I personally know they are walking the walk here.

Dec 29, 11

Microsoft not going for social networking but for educational networking. Before you roll your eyes, the fact is that overlaying educational networks on top of social networks is rife with problems. This is being tested at University of Washington, Syracuse University and New York University. There are many benefits to keeping work and personal separate and educational networks may be a great asset if done right, to the education space.

Dec 28, 11

Free free free learning. Cost: Your time. nice list of free ways to add ebooks, textbooks, courses, and language courses onto your ipad or Kindle.

Oct 29, 11

Excellent article on designing a game based learning e-course. There are a lot of links and great ideas. Since hearing Jane McGonigal speak at Microsoft HQ I have using Interrobang and other games as a priority for integrating into my classroom. (Hat Tip @juandoming on Twitter)

Aug 31, 11

RT @briankotts: Thesis: Mobile Learning for Africa /via @jenniparker57 #edtech #education #mlearning #elearning

Jul 14, 11

There are some free activities here but this is a tool to develop multimedia activities for LMS systems. It is in beta.

Jun 25, 11

RT @showmeapp: the wait is over!! ShowMe in the Apple app store: #edchat #elearning @showmeapp team will be at #iste11!

Apr 11, 11

A report on the state of elearning in Australia. Every collection must comprise 40% free content.

Again, this article proves that if you're in education and not reading Stephen Downes' feature-rich blog, you're missing out.

Mar 29, 11

This press release tells more about Sophia.

"Sophia is a social teaching and learning application that makes free, credible academic content available to anyone at anytime. It is a mission-driven organization that aims to break traditional cost and access barriers to post-secondary degree attainment. For more information, go to"

  • "Sophia connects people who want to learn with those willing to teach so that anyone, anywhere can create academically credible content and share it with the world."
  • social teaching and learning application that makes free, credible academic content available to anyone at anytime. It is a mission-driven organization that aims to break traditional cost and access barriers to post-secondary degree attainment. For more information, go to
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