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Jun 11, 09

So, this seems to be a growing social network for higher education and shows people registered by college. This is interesting. It looks like it has the ability to network people based on research interests!

Feb 28, 09

Angela Stockman has excellent ponderings and points about the issues of supporting face to face communities with online communities and why many resist such an effort. Great thoughts to consider for those who are working to move towards this.

  • the differences between online and face-to-face communities, the unintended consequences and potential costs of establishing an online community to support our face-to-face community, and the varied levels of comfort and discomfort that fellows have about the notion of sharing their thinking in blog posts and in ning.
  • There are complexities that I haven’t wrestled with around this, of course. I’m really just thinking aloud here right now, in response to some of the valid fears that folks have about adding themselves to the mix online. Trust is a big issue everywhere, it seems. Are there better ways to grow that in our online communities?
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