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Nov 20, 15

Free teacher planning calendar for Google Apps

Nov 03, 15

Edutopia piece on financial literacy.
RT @HoraceMann: Financial Literacy: Make the Money "Real" via @coolcatteacher @edutopia

Financial Literacy: Make the Money "Real" via @coolcatteacher @edutopia

— Horace Mann (…

Nov 02, 15

Photos for Class is a great place to find photos and download them with the perfect citation. Awesome tool.

Oct 29, 15

"NEW teachers are battling racial prejudice, principals who refuse to help handle seriously violent students and experienced colleagues who ostracise them, prompting calls for year-long internships to ease graduates into the profession.

UniSA-led research into new teachers’ “resilience” in the job found schools took wildly different approaches to integrating new staff, some highly supportive and others leaving teachers isolated and helpless."

in outliners: Show Ideas

Oct 29, 15

"Research has shown that children from low-income families come to school typically lagging two years behind their more privileged peers on standardized language tests. This achievement gap, which has been called a 30 million word gap (Hart and Risley, 2004), affects their ability to learn to read, and persists throughout their school careers. Identified as equally important in learning to read by researchers is access to books in the home. Again, children from low income families frequently have few or no books at home, and enter kindergarten not knowing that books in English are read from left to right, or being able to identify the letters of the alphabet.

To prepare these at-risk students for kindergarten, The Napa County Office of Education (NCOE) began collaborating with local non-profit NapaLearns to launch the first countywide offering in the nation of a digital early-literacy program. The program primarily uses the Footsteps2Brilliance “app” on tablets and other devices, and is provided at no cost to preschools and to parents of preschool age children in the county, including those not enrolled in a preschool program."

in outliners: Show Ideas

Sep 29, 15

" Kristy Cooper's insanely rigorous mixed methods study, Eliciting Engagement in the High School Classroom: A Mixed-Methods Examination of Teaching Practices, published in the April 2014 American Educational Research Journal, does an exceptional job of showing what works.

Cooper, an award-winning researcher at Michigan State University with an MA and Ed.D from Harvard, examined the impact of three well-supported strategies that teachers employ to increase student engagement. As you read each summary below, try to guess which practice had the greatest impact."

Todd Finley shares the three methods and asks which has the most impact: 1) Lively teaching, 2) Academic Rigor and 3) Connective Instruction.

A fantastic must-read on student engagement that you'll want to email your staff.
SEND THIS TO EVERY EDUCATOR YOU KNOW NOW! New Study: Engage Kids With 7x the Effect @Edutopia

SEND THIS TO EVERY EDUCATOR YOU KNOW NOW! New Study: Engage Kids With 7x the Effect @Edutopia …
It is about RELATIONSHIP - fantastic article with research via @edutopia and Todd Finley about this! #teacherfriends

It is about RELATIONSHIP - fantastic article with research via @edutopia and Todd Fin…
@LuluBunn Research bears this out - that Connective Instruction (including relatedness) engages kids 7x more #ecet2

@LuluBunn Research bears this out - that Connective Instruction (including relatedness…

Oct 02, 15

There is a Photoshop group on subreddit. They often take pics and do all kinds of things with them. Of course, I hope these don't "get back" to those who are the topics like this viral photoshop of a little girl with an owl. And yet, this is also a concept we can apply when we teach PhotoShop.

Oct 02, 15

Flaming Text is an awesome site for incredible text. I create text here and use a transparent background and then pull it into PowerPoints, Office Mix, and even movies.

Sep 30, 15

Documented methods that the implementation of blended learning has improved the traditional school system. The Clayton Cristensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation shares twelve of these case studies.

Sep 29, 15

Can you help students motivate themselves? Yes you can! Larry Ferlazzo shares some incredible ideas in this blog post over on Edutopia with more than 25,000 shares as of this time. We can help students motivate themselves.
Love "plussing" via @larryferlazzo - give positive feedback then say "plus you could do__ " #teacherfriends

Love "plussing" via @larryferlazzo - give positive feedback then say "plus you could do__ " …

Sep 29, 15

Excellent article overviewing why makerspaces are popular with quotes from Sylvia Martinez and Pam Moran.

Sep 29, 15

John J. Burke has assembled a tremendous list of Makerspace resources. If you're getting into the Maker movement, there are great things here.

Sep 29, 15

For those who are flipping or in flipping their classroom, here are some awesome video interaction tools. Don't just SHOW a video, have students interact with it. So many ideas here. Hat tip Jon Bergmann in a conversation he and I were having.

Sep 29, 15

"Ainsworth, Prain and Tyler  (2011) in a paper in Science argue that  drawing  can play a number of  important roles in learning:, namely:

Drawing to enhance engagement — surveys have shown than when students draw to explain they are more motivated to learn compared to traditional teaching of science.
Drawing to learn to represent in science — the process of producing visual representations  helps learners understand how scientific representations work.
Drawing to reason in science — student learn to reason like scientists as they select specific features to focus on in their drawings, aligning it with observation, measurement and/or emerging ideas
Drawing as a learning strategy — if learners read a text and then draw it, the process of making their understanding visible and explicit helps them to overcome limitations in presented material, organise and integrate their knowledge and ultimately can be transformative.
Drawing to communicate — discussing their drawings with their students provides teachers with windows into students’ thinking as well being a way that the peers can share knowledge, discovery and understanding."

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