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Mar 24, 08

This is an older post but really resonates with me. (Isn't it funny how you can read something from a while back and re-learn all over again some really cool things.) I had to laugh and remember - this was during my first year of blogging and everything is STILL TRUE about blogging. Gotta love this amazing blogging thing that lets us re-invent and re-learn about ourselves over time.

Oct 26, 09

This is a great blog that is choc full of what can (and should be done) and if you're not following , you should. I just snagged this from Julie Lindsay and wow, I'm impressed with what they (and Jane) are doing.

Oct 26, 09

My friend Julie Lindsay (now in China) is such a great friend and inspiration to me. I haven't said in some time how much I appreciate what she is doing and how much she shares. She writes a great blog that I wish more people would read.

Oct 26, 09

Useful ways to link twitter to your blog - pick the one you want (I wouldn't use all nine!) Just makes it easier to share.

Oct 22, 09

Darrent Kuropatwa has put together a list of class scribe blogs that you can review if you are intrigued as this trend.

Sep 19, 09

Not sure when this list was made, but it is a comprehensive list of education blogs by technorati authority (which I know many ignore now, but yet, it does give you a list.)

Sep 08, 09

Another blogging challenge which lets you win 12 months free edublogs supporter subscription. Just blog and share your tips.

Jul 14, 08

Groups have linkrolls that you can embed on other blogs and wikis and in other places.

Feb 01, 09

Jeff Utecht has put tweetbacks on his blog - I see a wordpress plug in but I can't yet figure out how to do this on blogger! It is cool. Wonder if it slows the load?

Nov 23, 08

Edublogs has begun embedded context sensitive ads into the blog posts of its authors. I agree with Christopher Sessums, the ethics of this is very questionable, particularly if people aren't asked or given a chance to turn it off.

Oct 30, 08

Edublogger letters to the next president started by Scott McLeod - I'll get to this, but want to share it for everyone who wants to share.

Oct 12, 08

An edubloggers list of women edubloggers - not a ranking, just a list. There are some new people to "meet" here for me.

LOL - at Karl Kapp included at the end. Not sure why, but he and I both think it is funny.

Sep 23, 08

State of the blogosphere is a great read for those who want to understand it. I agree with a lot of these things. They are going to be releasing future portions of this report - we're only on day 2.

Sep 22, 08

Welcome another new blogger to the edublogosphere!

Sep 17, 08

I really enjoyed reading Mike Sansone's blog post about Wallflowers and how they are part of the conversation. He has a great way of putting this. I think it is a good read for those trying to understand blogging and social media.

Sep 17, 08

Hey guys -- please give Sue some thoughts on these questions.

Aug 23, 08

Jennifer Eubank's Class Blog. She is in Taylor County (just spent some time there) and is really on fire! She used a google form this week.

There are so many great ways to use these tools and NO ONE has the monopoly. (No, not me either!) It is so important to keep looking at what teachers are doing and share what we think works and doesn't. I expect great things out of Jennifer!

Aug 23, 08

New blogger talking about parent leadership in education. Another emerging person talking about parents in addition to my friend Vicky Hennigan at

We need more parent edubloggers!

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