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Apr 10, 14

If you're using Mailchimp (or even if you're not) these incredible resources from Mailchimp can help you work with your email list.

Apr 10, 14

Excellent article with so many ways that you can create and recreate content via the ever popular Buffer blog - a must read for bloggers.

Dec 13, 13

Teachthought has created a list and asked you to crowdsource and vote on your favorites. Listly is very cool for this.

Dec 02, 13

I was recording a session with Sue Waters tonight about the Edublog Awards and she mentioned this post from Joyce Seitzinger about why the edublog awards matter and I wanted to share it. While many pundits and critics arise and say negative things any time an awards program happens, I think that the Edublog Awards matters because it helps find new voices. Voting will open soon but realize that if anyone nominates you -- it is an honor. Take the time to go through the finalists, add them to your RSS reader and your Twitter account. Take a read at this great post to know why the edublog awards do matter... thank you Joyce for a lovely, compelling post (and some great nominations.)

Nov 20, 13

The edublog award nominations are open. This award meant a lot to me when it helped me find so many great blogs for my RSS reader and then, somehow people found me too. Take time to make your nominations of your favorites. Here's how.

Jul 03, 13

An excellent set of infographics about blogging that I'll be using with students in the fall. Great set of discussion tools.

Nov 21, 12

You have until NOvember 26 to nominate for the Edublog awards. There are many who don't care for this awards system because there are many great bloggers, but I think anything that recognizes educational blogging is a good thing. So, nominate away, here is information. Here's the page that tells you how to do this.

"The 2012 Edublog Awards are a go!
The Edublog Awards is a community based initiative started in 2004 in response to community concerns relating to how schools, districts and educational institutions were blocking access of learner and teacher blog sites for educational purposes.  The purpose of the Edublog awards is promote and demonstrate the educational values of these social media.
Working together, we create an invaluable resource of the best-of-the-best on the web!
How Does It Work?

There are 3 parts to the awards:
Nominations – NOW through November 26th
Voting – TBA
The Live Awards Ceremony – TBA"

Jul 12, 12

Scribefire is a wonderful blogging tool that lets you blog as a popup on your browser screen.I find it very useful for "how to" posts.

Dec 15, 11

Best free web tools - it is a behavior management app for the classroom. Won in edublog awards.

Dec 15, 11

Administrators Blog Award Winner for Edublog Awards 2011

Dec 15, 11

Winner of best teacher blog in Eddies 2011.

Dec 15, 11

Started in November 2010 in Mrs. Yollis' Grade 3 class and he's the winner of tonight's best student blog. He's in fourth grade. Edublog awards. He went and said thank you tonight. His thank you was so touching.

Dec 15, 11

Winner of best new blog

Dec 05, 11

I love how this year's nominations for best individual tweeter include follow buttons. How cool! Thank you for those who nominated me, I appreciate it!

Dec 05, 11

Thanks for the nominations. My blog made one of the very many on the list for the best individual blog of 2011. Of course, I hope you'll vote. I'll share the other ones as well. Lots of great people on these polls. Yes, if you like me, I'd love to have your vote. ;-)

Nov 16, 11

Interesting blog from Paul Hami with a lot of resources. I like that he supports UDL (universal design for learning) we need more people talking about this important concept.

Nov 16, 11

2011 Edublog awards are open. Yes, I think these are important. It helped me a lot in knowing that what I said mattered when I've been nominated, been a finalist, and won as well. Join in the nominations.

Dec 18, 10

So, one can win an edublog award with 100 something votes? Goodness sakes? Are that few people voting or are there just too many categories and too many nominees in each? I don't know.

I responded to Kristen's reflection that social media is overrated with this comment.

"It is also a matter of taking the time to self promote! I know for me, in the past, I've sent out tons of emails and messages on facebook - asking people to vote. We sent messages through our Nings and through every vehicle we could. This year with a looming book deadline, I had to ask myself if it was something I had time to do. I didn't. In retrospect, maybe I should have but really - if that is what it takes to win an award. I don't know - I guess the crunchies are important and that works the same way although I'm so tired of hootsuite reminding me to vote in that doggone award!
So, I would say it is a function of PERSONAL connections and also a PERSONAL desire and willingness to put oneself out there and say "Hey I want to win, please vote for me." It is tough - when you do that you get a backlash but when you win an award - you win and no one really asks how you got it. So, I guess it is just what we have to live with for now.
Thank you for some great reflections and for putting yourself out there. Good luck and congratulations."

That pretty much sums up my thoughts this year.  We didn't put out these awards through our very active flat classroom groups or anything. December was just too stressful to run a campaign.  This, however, is just the nature of the beast - like it or not social media, voting, type campaigns and awards are the nature of "the beast ' and we have to make time to run the campaigns if we want to thrive in the space.

Nov 24, 09

Time to vote for edublog awards - the nominations are...

Thank you to those who nominated my blog for best teacher blog -- such an honor to be on that list! Also, for those who nominated the Digiteen Ning for best educational use of a social network (and a powerful one it is)... being nominated for lifetime achievement award - that takes my breath away -- I think I'll do on that one like Scott McLeod did and say that perhaps Stephen Downes, Will Richardson, David Warlick or the others perhaps can claim lifetime whereas, I just had my four year blogiversary - still am yet a babe! ;-)

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