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Apr 13, 13

Rumbletalk bills itself as a "boutique" backchannel chat tool for live events, Facebook events. etc. They are marketing themselves for integration into Facebook pages and events but it can be put in other places. Lots of backchannel capabilities are emerging as many educators and event planners see the value of providing, managing and leading in the backchannel chats that WILL and DO occur whether you wish they did or not. 

Jul 17, 12

Storymaker is a website that lets young students make stories with graphics and more. It will create a pdf for you that you can save. The pdf can be put on an ipad and tablet, but storymaker itself requires flash.

Apr 19, 12

Draw something, the pictionary, like app from OMBPOP (purchased by zynga) has everyone talking. It has now added Chat, photo capturing and sharing and represents how gaming is evolving. This sort of platform is also what we need as we begin to collaborate in the classroom although I have to admit, the methods and discussions for making a feedback loop to teachers or any feedback loop at all in such collaborative apps just isn't happening.

Mar 29, 12

For those who just love typewriters, you can get an underwood typerwriter that types onto your ipad or computer! This is a throwback to older days. There is also a DIY kit that you can convert an old typewriter into a keyboard as well. I'm thinking this is a great adaptation for those who can't get used to the keystrokes on a modern keyboard.

Mar 25, 12

Some great apps for windows users. I highly recommend teracopy and have used Fences on my older xp machine. Am going to try bins.

Feb 29, 12

The next area of serious privacy issues may be your smartphone as evidenced by this latest New York Times report.

"Another loophole in Apple's iPhone and iPad programming allows apps to download and copy a user's photo library without permission, a New York Times report shows."

Jan 30, 12

An app to help with letter reversals. This website has nice reviews, but I like the approach being taken by Classroom Window and hope you'll join me over there in writing reviews.

Jan 19, 12

If you are a pe or health teacher, you should read Mr. Robbo the PE Geek, Jarrod Robinson. Here are his favorite apps for PE teachers. yes, this is part 8 in his series!

Jan 06, 12

Mix your own podcast from NPR (hat tip to Richard Byrne.)

Jan 06, 12

Here, Richard Byrne talks about how to Mix your own Podcast using a free service from NPR.

Jan 06, 12

If you're looking for apps, here is another review site from a dad who wants to find "the best educational apps for his kids." I like that it has the ages. My biggest issue is that we need to start asking what kind of feedback can be given to parents and teachers out of these apps so we can reinforce out-of-app learning on the topic. Apps and teachers and parents should be partners in learning.

Jan 04, 12

We want to use our phones as mobile hotspots. The android world is abuzz about this new tool that allows you to tether your laptop to the Internet through your droid. 

Jan 02, 12

What a blast! Show your friends a YouTube video on your iPhone using moment catcher. When you are done, play back their reaction. They don't know it but as you are playing the video, it is filming! This would be great to use with one of those jump out and scare you fright videos on YouTube. What fun.

Jan 02, 12

If you want to scan documents here are 8 great options. I send mine to Evernote from the school's copier.

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