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Jun 24, 14

A website that teaches history as kids play an interactive video game. It is designed for kids as young as 4 and up to guide them through museums, churches and historical sites of significance.

May 02, 12

Prezi is an incredible presentation software program. My students often select this program instead of creating it in powerpoint and uploading to slideshare.

Sep 24, 13

I'm going to test this website. It manages class trips, permission forms, and communicates activities with the class. The idea of it sounds great. Yes, it is free. Of course, we'll have to dig down and see how the emails are used and the privacy settings but this is definitely something very needed!

Sep 24, 13

This app converts study notes to speech. This might be an app that some of you are interested in trying out for your special needs students. "OutlinesOutloud takes the sting out of studying by converting your study outlines to spoken audio. Super-flexible playback controls let you vary speech rate; jump forward and backward with ease, skip rows or whole sections, loop—and more!"

May 27, 13

You can link Study Blue and evernote to pull your notes and study guides together.

May 06, 13

I'm having a chat with Dawn Casey-Rowe, a teacher and she was sharing with me what she's doing on Learnist. This is a Learnist board about how to use Learnist. I am interested in how this works. There is also an app. It looks like a sort of combination between pinterest, mentor mob, and flipboard.

Apr 19, 13

Socrative has even more cool features. Richard Byrne gives an overview on on of my favorite blogs, Free Tech for Teachers.

"Socrative's new image option could be great for asking mathematics questions that are diagram based. The image option could also be great for world languages teachers to post a picture of an object that students have to identify in the language that they're learning. And the new automatic grading option could save you a ton of time that you can then invest in something else. "

Apr 17, 13

This timeline maker that lets you add video, pictures, and text was highly recommended by the educational technology and mobile learning blog. It is a timeline maker with multimedia.Very cool.

Apr 15, 13

Anatomy arcade is such a great website. I love whack-a-bone for learning the bones in the body. They also have Poke a muscle, and match a brain and a new digestive jigsaw. They have apps now as well with whackabone for the ipad. Great games for learning anatomy - share with your favorite teacher.

Apr 13, 13

Hey Math has created a game that integrates math and maps. It is called Math Trail. You might want to try it out. 

Apr 13, 13

Rumbletalk bills itself as a "boutique" backchannel chat tool for live events, Facebook events. etc. They are marketing themselves for integration into Facebook pages and events but it can be put in other places. Lots of backchannel capabilities are emerging as many educators and event planners see the value of providing, managing and leading in the backchannel chats that WILL and DO occur whether you wish they did or not. 

Apr 10, 13

Flipboard is an excellent tool (now it has curated magazines you can distribute for your classes.) It is a wonderful RSS reader and monitoring tool.

Aug 28, 12

Podomatic has a new free fast tool called "minicast" where you create a slideshow with photos and videos. 

Aug 06, 12

This is an interesting, creative list of apps including apple and Android apps and the price. I thought there were some interesting ideas here. I still feel the "cute" factor is part of evaluation as no serious evaluation mechanism has emerged for reviwing apps.

Jul 19, 12

For each of my online modules, MentorMob allows me to create annotated, step-by-step reading/viewing lists that I can easily embed into my course LibGuides.

So, I’ve been able to gather stuff from my desktop and from the web–sites, presentations, videos, images, surveys and articles–and pull them all together in a sequence my students will be able to work through them over the course of a week.

Playlists can be collaborative, tagged for easier discovery, shared with social networks, commented on and rated.  A Firefox extension allows for on-the-fly additions.

MentorMob also allows for the creation of multiple-choice and yes/no quizzes.

Jul 15, 12

A service that filters feeds for certain keywords. This is a fascinating way to drill down into feeds that have a lot of content but you just want some of it.

Jul 15, 12

An app that uses your Twitter account to make magazines.

Jul 05, 12

Information on Google Drive including a video about how the service works. I'm setting it up with my Google Docs and will let you know if it is a viable alternative to dropbox.

Jul 04, 12

Detailed instructions for installing pocket onto any web browser including for mobile devices.

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