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Dec 04, 14

Free comic book about copyright that teaches you everything you need to know. You can even remix it. There are multiple translations as well (and you can buy a hard copy.) Awesome tool to use.

Apr 10, 14

Instructographics are graphics that include instructions and they are very popular on pinterest. As teachers, we should be familiar with instructographics. Here's a board of great ones.

Jan 16, 14

Artificial Intelligence and the "deep learning" movement are hitting it big time: big bucks and big influence on our future. Geoff Hinton is working for Google to help improve voice recognition, image tagging and more. Microsoft, IBM, Baidu (search enging in China) and others are getting into AI. This is part of education as AI and learning tools can be greatly impacted. Read and share this article if you're an education or technology futurist. Fascinating.

Jan 16, 14

Welcome to your new Google smarthome - not smartphone - smarthome. They've bought a smart thermostat maker - I can imagine all kinds of cool things with Google Glasses, Droids, and other Google integrations with this. This interesting article covers many of the things Google has gone into besides their traditional search box/ advertising model and it tells you about the future of our world as a major giant positions for the Internet of Things which moves far beyond our screens into the air we breathe.

This will impact our schools beyond what we understand as our surroundings become smarter and able to be controlled remotely in ways we can't really understand today. These are trends I'll be discussing in my Intro to Computer Science classes.

"Google Inc announced plans to acquire smart thermostat maker Nest Labs Inc for US$3.2bil (RM10.54bil), signalling the Internet company's intention to expand into a broader array of devices and bringing valuable hardware design expertise in-house. "

Jan 16, 14

Phablet is the new term - a portmanteau of phone and tablet - these larger devices really look more like the devices held by star trek officers. ;-) HP is back in because I guess they realize the future is in the palm of users hands. Increasingly our handheld device is becoming our major device and finding just the right size is the holy grail of manufacturers who are fighting for market share.

Jan 16, 14

OK. I think this will be great news for many schools who are still clinging to Windows XP. Microsoft will keep supplying anti-malware updates to Windows XP until april 15, 2014. The March 2013 date caused an outcry among many and we've been working hard to update all the XP machines with extra RAM so they could go to Windows 7. But with the machines working so well on XP many of us wonder why we should dispose of machines that work so well especially in cash crunched times. Take your time - you've got a little longer although for us in the US if they'd go through June 2015 it means we can get 2 more school years out of XP machines. In a sign of the times, it can make all the difference between some kids using technology and some not.

Jan 09, 14

Such great changes for people - practice something for 100 days and film it. Very cool. What teachable moments could come out of this? Could you have a class practice something for 100 days? What would it be? What difference would it make?

Jan 08, 14

A report by the US Department of Education Technology from February 2013 (anyone know why this is still a draft?) that shares how we should measure and promote non cognitive factors like grit, tenacity and perseverance. This is one paper to share and discuss.

Jan 07, 14

Photo cards are a powerful new way to tweet. Photos scroll by -- have you wondered how some are photo cards and some are Tweets with links? Here's how you get your photo card on Twitter -- it needs to be the right dimensions (funny dimensions don't get it.) I've also found that you should add them directly on Twitter and not through an app. Read this information on how you have Photocards - some of these are for developers but if you want your pics to be cards and not links, you'll want to note the dimensions and that file sizes should be less than 1 MB as well.

Dec 17, 13

Some very interesting gadgets and gizmos that you may want to add to wish lists for family and friends. Also a few I wouldn't have picked ( a car made the list) but still very interesting.

Dec 02, 13

Really 197 channels for learning? Well, there are many, but if you're like me, you're building a subscription list for your content areas and starting to curate (and perhaps create) some channels. Building a good YouTube stream is becoming part of curation and PLN building - so here's a great place to start.

Dec 02, 13

Great article by Elliott Bristow on the Edublogger about Minecraft in schools and how it is being used. This is a great reference for those of us working to integrate this into our classroom.

Nov 30, 13

Google's Cyber weekend deals are a serious reason to at least download Google Play for iOS on your ipad. I'm picking up Malcom Gladwell's book for 3.49 and reading it in the app for just this reason. (You can get the hunger games trilogy for $12.99, the new Dan Brown book for $3.99, David Baldacci's the Hit by $2.49 and Ender's Game for $1.99 - I'm literally going to have the book for the next few weeks ready to go on my ipad as I travel to Virginia and St. Simon's to speak. Yes!)

Book lovers must go over this list, but the chromecast stick is worth a look as it is basically a Roku/ Apple TV on a stick for just $35.

Sep 25, 13

A popular website for uploading your best photos and selling them is 500px. You can upload 20 pictures for free a week and have your personal store selling your photos. This is a money maker for those students who are photography buffs.

Aug 20, 13

I read Joel Comm's book Twitter Power and it has been one of my longtime favorites on the topic. Here he talks brutally about the negatives of social media. I admit the topic caught my attention. I"ve just found that if I'm brutal about who I follow and make sure they're real educators, I'm usually pretty happy with my stream. I unfollow junk as soon as it is evident it is junk. Ultimately we all must guard who we follow or we might just find ourselves following the garbage truck.

Aug 03, 13

A lovely overview by North Canton City Schools about how to go paperless with Google Docs. If you're working towards being as paperless as possible, this is a nice document to get you started. (For some of you out there who don't know this - Google renamed everything "Google Drive" to respond to Dropbox's domination of cloud storage but many of us still call the word processor "Docs".)

Aug 03, 13

A slick presentation about Google apps for education. Becky Evans created and shared this and says you can use it as a presentation to introduce current features to teachers at your school. Take a look as you prepare to give teachers an overview of Google Apps for Education.

May 18, 13

An important read as we work to reinvent schools and make sure we measure authentic learning with more authentic measures than bubble trouble. ;-)

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