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10 Apr 14

Instructographics are graphics that include instructions and they are very popular on pinterest. As teachers, we should be familiar with instructographics. Here's a board of great ones.

05 Mar 14

Hee's a flickr group for showing off rainmeter configurations for the desktop. Some great ideas for how desktops should be( and perhaps where they are headed.)

20 Feb 14

Lots of kids share flashcards for studying, here's another way to create the cards but to do it TOGETHER. Cool.

08 Feb 14

This has to be the coolest app ever. Create a quiz on Quick Key and then you can print out a bubble sheet. Snap a picture of the quiz with your iphone and it will grade it for you! Wow. Just remember that if all you do is bubble in - you're probably not testing very well. Hat tip to Richard Byrne's Awesome Facebook page for this one! (Free Technology for Teachers)

03 Feb 14

Interesting app called "Chronicle" for tracking and including artifacts for how students are learning and improving. With students turning in all kinds of documents and work, this is an intriguing way to track it.

30 Nov 13

Google's Cyber weekend deals are a serious reason to at least download Google Play for iOS on your ipad. I'm picking up Malcom Gladwell's book for 3.49 and reading it in the app for just this reason. (You can get the hunger games trilogy for $12.99, the new Dan Brown book for $3.99, David Baldacci's the Hit by $2.49 and Ender's Game for $1.99 - I'm literally going to have the book for the next few weeks ready to go on my ipad as I travel to Virginia and St. Simon's to speak. Yes!)

Book lovers must go over this list, but the chromecast stick is worth a look as it is basically a Roku/ Apple TV on a stick for just $35.

27 Oct 13

Another Infographic app for schools. You can use just a few themes for the free price and there are prices for schools to use Piktochart. This is another option for creating infographics with students.

23 Oct 13

Tackk is a quick, simple way to create a page (without really having a website.) This page links to all of the tackk's relating to education. This is a cool, unique idea and I haven't seen anything quite like it. Sort of pinterest/ glogster mixed together. Cool. Writing teachers or anyone who has students do quick projects might be interested in this.

23 Oct 13

Create micro-courses or find them and learn from them. This is the web app for Coursmos but there are also apps for your phone, etc. This might be an interesting thing to do with students to have them create demos, etc. about how to do tasks. Very interesting.

22 Oct 13

Very interesting tool to use for your classroom that sort of turns your ipad into a document camera/ presenter tool. It has already won several awards in the Apple app store. You might want to take a look at this if you're 1:1 ipad as an option to get rid of document cameras or not buy them at all. Very cool

22 Oct 13

This app is Life Noted and merges camera, video, notetaking and more. It was recommended to me as a notetaking/ capturing tool for observation in the classroom by teachers of students, but I think that anyone evaluating another person might benefit from this sort of tool. Capture your notes and the speech about the notes and share it. Very interesting idea. It is free right now.

05 Oct 13

There are many text editors you can use with Dropbox on your ipad. You can export and import from Pages now, which is one of the ways I most often edit the files, however, if you want to make sure that all of your files are saved in dropbox and you never have to look, you might want to choose one of these apps.

14 Sep 13

Jen Roberts gives tips on how to add voice comments to Google Docs. If you're writing in Google Docs, this is a great technique as voice always gives you a closer connection, particularly for struggling readers. They can also hear your voice and know the intent of your words.

31 Aug 13

This is an online tutoring site. There are many ways you can tutor now and online is one of them.

28 Aug 13

Cool little "tidbits" of knowledge. If you like to have neat "hooks" before your lessons each day, zidbits might have some cool things for you. "What is the hardest language to learn?" "What is the most lethal poison?" These are just a few of the cool little facts. They have history, science, health, and news featured on this site. Enjoy.

16 Jul 13

It is time to connect your classroom. Celly has a unique way of creating mobile social networks. Students and parents can sign up without giving out or anyone seeing their mobile number and can unsubscribe at any time. On this page, celly has a getting started guide for schools. This is a tool I'm looking to use this year in my classroom. I've got several friends who've used it and highly recommend it.

04 Jul 13

A free reader and creator. You can also add your signature. Versatile PDF reader and creator for the PC.

04 Jul 13

This is a popular list on given by a teacher about iProductivity in the classroom. You can see how the listly tool works and also some great information on using ipads in the classroom. I like how you can drill down to different views including "curated" order - crowd rank and alphabetized. This is like Diigo lists but with crowd enhanced capabilities. Cool tool and informative list.

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