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10 Apr 14

Excellent article on email and how to get people to join you and learn from your organization via email. Written by Help Scout.

02 Apr 14

Fascinating. But how does this impact any open school networks here? I'm wondering if this will impact schools as well? I have an open network for guests where they have to accept our terms of service, but then, we have a student network. This is one to watch, but if we provide an open network and don't disclose that people can (and probably will) steal your data.

I don't see how Google can argue this, though -- there is the assumption of privacy and security of your own data and you have to give permission for Facebook, Google etc. to get your data - you don't give permission for a random stranger to see it no matter where you are. This is a stretch and a problem if it goes through.

05 Feb 14

This awesome website was found by my students. It is called "getting tricky with wikis" and has every trick you can imagine for making a wiki do cool things. I love how my students found this. I was in my classroom and kept going "wow, how did you do that." so, after two days of this project, they were blowing me away. That is because they've learned how to search for and find tutorials. Bookmark this one if you use wikispaces.

04 Feb 14

A study in the US gives US public schools a grade of "C" and says that there is not enough access to technology in schools. I think critical mass is building and demanding excellence in innovation in technology - of course, there is a price tag for this demand and with coffers shrinking it will require lots of creativity and hard work. Interesting study to share with policy makers.

03 Feb 14

Digital Learning Day is February 5. Here are resources and how you can celebrate this in your school this week. There will be many live seminars and webinars online as well as live broadcasts. Join in!

12 Dec 13

Technology Integration Professional Development Guide | Edutopia - Great free guide to use and read that addresses the NETS standards from ISTE.

08 Dec 13

An important conversation with interviews and some research about how to deal with multitasking. AS for me, if I could really really turn off notifications on my ios devices, that would suffice and it would for most students.

08 Dec 13

Coming up this week is a book club with +Roald Dahl and a hangout with a Google Doodler at the Connected Classrooms Field Trips space by Google.

30 Nov 13

Pana Asavavatana, @PanaAsavavatana kindergarten teacher at Taipei American School has created an awesome way to combine Aurasma and Chatterpix to use Augmented Reality in her classroom. I love this creativity but also how many teachers around the world are sharing best practices. Yes, you can use this. Great job Pana!

30 Nov 13

Dawn Casey-Rowe hits a tough topic that is the number one complaint that teachers have. I had her on my show not too long a go and she speaks from a tough situation with lots of blocks and bans but gets it done anyway. If your complaint is blocks and bans, then take time to read this post to focus on what you CAN do. Dawn is offering a set of PD blog posts that you'll want to dig into.

"This week, we’re going to discuss the white elephant in the room.

Tech frustration.

Many teachers struggle to bring students the type of tech experience they would like because of systemic blocks and bans, or worse, feel embarrassed as students have more access to tech than teachers do. This is the issue that brought me to the tech world myself. Students continually asked the hard questions about why they couldn’t utilize technology such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and why phones were confiscated when students were using them for educational purposes. I wanted to improve my classroom experience and give my students more, but budget was a concern.

Tech access is a problem in many schools. There are legitimate reasons–the desire of administrators to protect students from the darker side of the internet, fear of the unknown, lack of wireless capacity and budget difficulties which cause insufficient numbers of computers or the inability to upgrade existing tech. Some educational leaders have overcome these hurdles, but others are still working to get to that space."

30 Nov 13

Richard Wells at Ipads for schools has written a nice post about project based learning with iPads including a great Edutopia video and many app suggestions. If you're moving towards better use of your ipads, this will be a great post for you.

30 Nov 13

This very useful post is one you can share with educators about the SAMR model for technology integration into the classroom. This excellent blog post from Educators Technology is one that will inform you (with great videos embedded) and help you understand what it is intended to do. With teacher evaluation systems everywhere adapting this model, every teacher should read this post.

25 Nov 13

Awesome list of apps that has several that I need to explore including Writing House, Do Something, and Cool Math. Take time to flip through this list.

22 Oct 13

So many great presentations and ideas from the K12 online conference this year. Check out the schedule and join in!

03 Oct 13

Jane Hart has her list of 100 Top tools for learning 2013 based upon her 7th survey. This is usually a pretty good indicator and I would agree with it for the most part.

14 Sep 13

Free poster I created to help students understand how to be safe online. Yes, there are 5 steps, not 4. Every student should know how to screenshot on every electronic device.

04 Sep 13

Will you help Silvia Tolisano's students by letting them know what screencasts you want them to record?

Thank you for taking a moment. This is a great project she's doing for these 6th graders. She does such a wonderful job of helping students develop an authentic audience.

19 Jul 13

This post from Angela Watson garnered more than 100 retweets when I shared it. It is a great summary of ISTE this year and bravely points out some things that must be discussed for future ISTE's. It is a must read if you follow edtech. Here's to you Angela for a great post.

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