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May 06, 13

I'm having a chat with Dawn Casey-Rowe, a teacher and she was sharing with me what she's doing on Learnist. This is a Learnist board about how to use Learnist. I am interested in how this works. There is also an app. It looks like a sort of combination between pinterest, mentor mob, and flipboard.

Apr 17, 13

This might be a neat approach to have children do with their familiy as they tell "our story." There are public and private ways to build stories. What a great way to document vacation or have students share about their summers.

Apr 13, 13

Rumbletalk bills itself as a "boutique" backchannel chat tool for live events, Facebook events. etc. They are marketing themselves for integration into Facebook pages and events but it can be put in other places. Lots of backchannel capabilities are emerging as many educators and event planners see the value of providing, managing and leading in the backchannel chats that WILL and DO occur whether you wish they did or not. 

Apr 10, 13

Flipboard is an excellent tool (now it has curated magazines you can distribute for your classes.) It is a wonderful RSS reader and monitoring tool.

Apr 10, 13

This app is by Techsmith, makers of camtasia. Right now it is free. You can import PDFS and use screenshots. Powerful tool that is free. 

Apr 10, 13

What makes this app interesting is that you can use the whiteboard, but you can also record and record things "or over video streaming** without changing of application". So, you can record what you're doing and it records what you're doing and voice and drawings. FAscinating app but a tad more expensive at $4.99

Apr 10, 13

This app "records your writing and voice" and sends it to YouTube for you. NOte that I've found that large files from ipads can sometimes be hard to upload to YouTube so Dropbox is important and was recently added to a new version of this. For me, Dropbox Integration is a must-use for any app.

Oct 02, 12

iPad schools that are also Google Apps will love that the new updates for iOS let you edit google docs simultaneously much like you do on the web! Great news.

Sep 18, 12

How to enable offline Google Drive (GoogleDoc) editing and some droid features. As always, Chrome works best with these features. Test them out and try them. Also, you'll want to download the Drive App on your Droid or Apple device.

Sep 18, 12

The "official" announcement of Google Drive which is a mesh of dropbox -like storage and a built in editor of all kinds of things (formerly Google Docs.) You can "install" Google Drive but don't have to to usethe services. Don't get confused, it is still Google Docs, although I've found an enhanced drawing feature in Docs when testing with my students this week.

Aug 28, 12

Podomatic has a new free fast tool called "minicast" where you create a slideshow with photos and videos. 

Aug 28, 12

A fascinating way that allows you to shoot and upload video that is integrated with Google drive. While there is a free version, there are also paid versions for higher capacity requirements. This allows online video editing and easy sharing with social media. This may be the resource we've been looking for collaborative video editing. Eager to try.

Aug 28, 12

You can merge your spreadsheets with data on the web by using Google fusion tables. I'm going to be taking my spreadsheets further and learn how to do this.

Aug 25, 12

Here are some ideas of what Mark is doing for sharing work, I have my students create the blog that suits their personal interest project. While Tumblr is nice for blogging, I have older students and monitor it closely - most schools would not find a good fit in tumblr, I think. Good ideas here, though.

Jul 19, 12

For each of my online modules, MentorMob allows me to create annotated, step-by-step reading/viewing lists that I can easily embed into my course LibGuides.

So, I’ve been able to gather stuff from my desktop and from the web–sites, presentations, videos, images, surveys and articles–and pull them all together in a sequence my students will be able to work through them over the course of a week.

Playlists can be collaborative, tagged for easier discovery, shared with social networks, commented on and rated.  A Firefox extension allows for on-the-fly additions.

MentorMob also allows for the creation of multiple-choice and yes/no quizzes.

Jul 12, 12

Scribefire is a wonderful blogging tool that lets you blog as a popup on your browser screen.I find it very useful for "how to" posts.

Jul 05, 12

Information on Google Drive including a video about how the service works. I'm setting it up with my Google Docs and will let you know if it is a viable alternative to dropbox.

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