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May 31, 14

If you use Dropbox, this handy tool will create rules. So, for example, when a student turns in a video or anything into a folder and you don't want other students to grab a copy, you can set up rules in Sortmybox to grab the file and put it in a folder "to grade" for example. Or if a video is uploaded that is large, take it out and put it elsewhere. This is a handy assistant and organizing tool for anyone using Dropbox.

Oct 05, 13

You can now edit files in your dropbox from a web browser. If you 're at work and need to edit the files, Textdrop might be for you. It does cost 20.99 per year to sign up for this but for some of you who don't have access to dropbox at work, this might help you. This is also a model for what we may see Dropbox do itself, as cloud syncing and cloud editing move closer together in all apps that want to compete in the space.

Oct 05, 13

There are many text editors you can use with Dropbox on your ipad. You can export and import from Pages now, which is one of the ways I most often edit the files, however, if you want to make sure that all of your files are saved in dropbox and you never have to look, you might want to choose one of these apps.

Sep 17, 13

If you use Dropbox for automating your assessment and grading there are so many wonderful tings you can do with Sortmy box. For example, if you have a "turnin" folder that all students can access, you could sweep the files out of there and put it in a private folder for grading. Or, you could move all picture folders to a certain place. This is a very cool app for organizing dropbox, expecially if you want to consolidate pictures or videos.

Sep 17, 13

Awesome article on very cool things you can do with Dropbox. Some of these can save teachers a lot of time.

Sep 17, 13

This app creates a form where the data goes to your dropbox. I know that there are a lot of form makers out there, but this one is a great one if Dropbox is your go to app or if you use it to assess.

Jul 09, 13

If you're not already using Dropbox - you should. They had a developer conference and will likely end up everywhere in every app. Some very cool things coming. Just like Evernote - who has a powerful "trunk" features where developer work is showcased - Dropbox is going to find that opening up to development opens a whole new marketplace and ingenuity beyond what they have in house. 

Some info from the wired article. 

"But after all that single-mindedness, Houston and Ferdowsi now want to let their baby sing. Today, at Dropbox’s first-ever developers conference, the company is officially launching a new set of coding tools designed to push Dropbox into every corner of your digital life. Not content to stay sequestered inside the box, the company’s co-founders are unveiling ways for developers to meld their service with every app on every device you own.

For the first five or so years of its existence, Dropbox was synonymous with its “magic folder.” Save your files in the Dropbox folder on your computer, and they “magically” reappear in your Dropbox apps on your phone and tablet and in your Dropbox account on the web. Now, if developers take to the company’s new tools, the service will escape the confines of this folder, fusing with third-party apps running on practically every computer and smartphone operating system.

Houston wants Dropbox to become the “spiritual successor to the hard drive.” He says the hard drive needs to be replaced because so many of us are doing so much computing on devices that don’t fit the traditional paradigm for working with files. Users don’t interact with files on iOS, Android, or the web the way they do on PCs. Apps don’t have “open” or “save” options that launch a separate window where you tap through a folder tree."

Aug 24, 12

I am still using Dropbox and love it as part of my "paperless as possible" classroom.

Jul 12, 12

Going paperless is a challenge but I've had a lot of success using dropbox and Google Apps as well as one note.

Jul 04, 12

This web browser for the ipad integrates tightly with dropbox. If you want to download and save to dropbox from your ipad web browser, this is worth it.

Apr 24, 12

Awesome! You can now create a public URL for ANY file in dropbox (not just those in your public folder) to share with anyone. It is a very easy system as Richard Byrne shares in this post.) Great news. Dropbox is my favorite "go to" app for making my classroom paperless.

Dec 29, 11

(Password protected page.) If you have dropbox and invite someone with a .edu account and they join dropbox, you get 1GB per person! It is a great service. You have to log into dropbox to get to this page.

Dec 28, 11

Nice tour of dropbox for android which has a lot of new features Android users will love.

Nov 07, 11

Send and receive files from anyone into your dropbox. Annual staffs can use this to have people share photos with them or other teachers can have their students turn in files. Great augmentation to dropbox.

Aug 19, 11

Lets you create an email to send files security to your dropbox account.

Aug 19, 11

Article sharing how to use dropbox with students when your school will not give them access!

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