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Apr 17, 13

Sherpa is here. An android app is rolling out in the US on April 17 and then will come to iOS. It has been a top app in Spain and Latin America. 

Feb 02, 13

This is the stylus that the college student working at GameStop in Atlanta swore was the best stylus for her Galaxy Tab. It is far better than any stylus I've ever used on my ipad and I admit that I was a bit jealous. I'm going to get one of these for my Kenna Tablet and try it out with Handy Notes.

Feb 02, 13

I met a girl working at GameStop who is a college student. She was furiously working with a somewhat beat up Galaxy Tab. I talked to her about what she used and she said that Handy Notes ROCKED. She got her Caseen stylus and showed me what she was doing and I loved it. She said that she had a whole semester's worth of notes. She took notes in this and went back to her dorm and printed off the notes so she could highlight and study them but that when she needed to review, she could. I have to admit, I was quite envious. There are some classes I took that I'd love to have in evernote. If you use a Droid, I'd recommend trying out handy notes. This is a link to the app review on Android Authority.

Jan 29, 13

Although I'm an Apple ipad and iphone user, I do have a Kenna pad that runs the droid OS and am testing educatoin and productivity apps - this is a nice post about a user's favorite apps for 2012 for Android.

Nov 16, 12

Doug Johnson pontificates on the fact that now that the Google nexus and other droid-based tablets are becoming so much better, that it will be hard to let everyone know they need to swap so they can save money. I'm testing a Droid based tablet from Kenna and must say that although it isn't an ipad, for a fraction of the cost, it is quite impressive. It has slots for sd cards, better sound, and a high res screen. My fifth grader has quite taken to the tablet, although my senior has "first dibs" after Mom finishes testing it. Don't think Apple owns this market. The shift of all students to some sort of tablet with an attachable keyboard just makes sense from a power usage and portability standpoint but the field is wide open. At some point, I hope to test a new Windows 8 tablet.

Jul 04, 12

How to make custom ringtones for any type of phone.This helpful how-to will get you started. My VIP's have unique ringtones so I know who it is when it rings. I also set up custom vibrations (I use their characteristic knock on a door as I've heard My Mom's special knock all my life.)

Jul 04, 12

Feel on is only available for android via Google play but turns your twitter stream into comics. Good for a laugh but it also lets you post comics as you tweet (and post to Facebook too.)

Jan 04, 12

We want to use our phones as mobile hotspots. The android world is abuzz about this new tool that allows you to tether your laptop to the Internet through your droid. 

Oct 16, 11

Galaxy tab infringes on Apple's patent, a judge says as she holds up the two devices from 10 feet away and asks Samsung lawyers to identify which is their client's product.

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