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Oct 05, 13

Little tip: "If you're a Google Apps administrator, note that disabling Google chat across your domain now disables chat in Drive" I think we have to work with chat. It would be nice if chat could be enabled or disabled by document but it is a whole-domain thing right now. I hate to see it disabled.

Oct 05, 13

A nice training module to help students and teachers become "Google Drive masters." Neat idea created by someone at Rochester Public Schools for their teachers along with videos that are hyperlinked. This is a great example of the new kind of training that many technology integration coaches are providing. Just in time (JIT) or "own your own time" (OYOT) types of courses.

Oct 05, 13

There are many apps you can add to Google Drive including wevideo (collaborative video editing), Mind Meister (for brainstorming) and hellofax (for sending and receiving faxes) and more. Learn how to be more productive with Google Drive.

Aug 21, 13

Great ideas for using Google Drive, calendar, docs, forms, groups, and more in the classroom. A nice, public, presentation.

Aug 03, 13

A lovely overview by North Canton City Schools about how to go paperless with Google Docs. If you're working towards being as paperless as possible, this is a nice document to get you started. (For some of you out there who don't know this - Google renamed everything "Google Drive" to respond to Dropbox's domination of cloud storage but many of us still call the word processor "Docs".)

Aug 03, 13

A slick presentation about Google apps for education. Becky Evans created and shared this and says you can use it as a presentation to introduce current features to teachers at your school. Take a look as you prepare to give teachers an overview of Google Apps for Education.

May 27, 13

ePortfolios can be done in just about any medium, with Google Drive and Evernote being two of the easiest. Here's Edudemic's guide for this.

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