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Jun 11, 12

Jerry Blumengarten (Cybraryman1) has made a list of diigo resources. Many great ones here to follow as well as instructions. I"ll be presenting on Diigo with co-founder Maggie Tsai at ISTE 2012.
RT @cybraryman1: @coolcatteacher @Kitty_Tripp @bradmcurrie @wkrakower My Diigo page:

@coolcatteacher @Kitty_Tripp @bradmcurrie @wkrakower My Diigo page:

— Jerry Blumengarten (@...

Mar 21, 13

If you use Diigo but are researching a certain topic for a book or term paper and also use Evernote, I recommend setting up an recipe similar to this one I'm using for my collaborative writing book. Everything tagged "collaborative writing" goes automatically to my collaborative writing book.

You could use this for a course. You could take everything on Diigo tagged with the course number into a notebook (or into a Google spreadsheet, for that matter.) There are many other sources of information you can use to collect information on a topic in one place. 

Mar 21, 13

In a recent PEW study, National Writing Project (NWP) and Advanced Placement (AP) teachers said that “a top priority in today’s classrooms should be teaching students how to ‘judge the quality of online information.’”  Furthermore, teachers are concerned that students don’t get past Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube into deeper (and more accurate) ways of collecting information. If you want to discuss research sources, social bookmarking is the best way to do this. We should see more classrooms using Diigo (the most superior bookmarking service, in my opinion) or Delicious as they discuss and share the documents they will use in their research papers. 

I’ve found when topics need deeper research or when the sources of research are in dispute, that social bookmarking is the best way to facilitate those discussions. It is a powerful form of pre-writing for students. If they can begin the conversations around research articles and sources, then more accurate information will emerge in their final document. Often students don’t verify the sources of information and should learn to view all online information with skepticism and a critical eye as they converse over what makes a good source. Social bookmarking is a key source of discussion, data collection, and citation in the modern classroom.

Jul 17, 12

2011 winners to show you what governments are doing in the US to collaborate and share on the web. These are the best of the best. If you are friends with a politician, you may want to share this.WE need to be more efficient and include people in the government to streamline and make things better.

Jan 03, 12

A great guide to Diigo for teachers and to use to help students. Diigo is one of myntop tools for blogging, bookmarking, and life. great tutorial.

Dec 25, 11

RT @web20classroom: RT @TeachHub: Why Diigo Rocks for Educators! #diigo #elemchat #edchat

Nov 28, 11

I love Suzie Nestico's explanation of how we use Diigo for the Flat Classroom projects and her alignment with the common core writing standards. (She's a social studies teacher, by the way.) She impresses me more and more.

Jun 28, 11

Suzie Nestico's webslides (made automatically from a Diigo list) for the diigo session at ISTE.

Jun 28, 11

Lovely wiki about diigos. Lots of things from Michell Krill who pitched in to help in our diigo workshop.

Jun 28, 11

Debby Atwater has some great links in her public library. Another example to review.

Jun 28, 11

here is my public library of diigo bookmarks.

Jun 28, 11

Neil is pulling over his bookmarks for his fourth and fifth grade classes. Here are some sample libraries from diigo users.

Jun 02, 11

You can save your favorite Tweets to Diigo. This is going to be SO useful!

I'm going to be sort of hacking in in that I'm saving those tweets to my education tag which will then send the tweets to my blog in the morning. We'll see if I like it and how it goes.

Jul 22, 10

Powernote for android. A new tool to add text notes, bookmarks, pictures and text messages to library.

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Oct 28, 09

This is an example of how I used Diigo to create an annotated link to give feedback on a wiki on Flat Classroom. I love using Diigo for giving wiki feedback because I can mark up the page. I like ot share them through groups that are private with my students and I and the annotated link feature is one of the best ways to do this.

Jul 22, 09

Outline and presentations from the Diigo presentation at NECC that we did. This includes the presentations, outline, and backchannel notes.

Jun 29, 09

Here are the procedures for how we use the Diigo group with the flat classroom projects - we've used this with flat classroom and we've used it with the digiteen projects and ad4dcss (advocates for digital citizenship, safety, and success)

Jun 29, 09

On the Flat Classroom 2008 Tagging standards page, you can see the main tags coming from the bookmarks (and can drill down and see what they and our expert teachers tagged them.

You can see standard tags, subgroups, and overall bookmarks.

Jun 29, 09

You can drill down and look at tag communities to find other things that are interesting on your topic.

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