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Oct 03, 12

Scareware. Yes, it is a term. Scaring people into thinking they have a virus. Knowledge is power and it will also save you money. Being educated about computers pays over your life. It is time for all of us to be educated and savvy. I know someone taken by this scam.

"English-speaking consumers in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the U.K. were targeted in the global scam, regulators said. Most of the scammers were based in India, but some also came from the U.S. and U.K.
The scam involved cold callers who claimed to work for major technology companies, such as Microsoft or Google, and who told consumers they had viruses on their PCs, according to regulators. The callers would attempt to dupe users into giving them remote access to their computers, locking the user out while attempting to "fix" the malware that the scammer claimed was on the machine."

Apr 02, 12

The Facebook family safety center has information on safety. I still feel it is very convoluted and very confusing but it does have some information for educators and parents on the site.

Mar 16, 12

It is legal for a prospective employer during a job interview to ask you to log into your facebook page and click through your friends only posts, photos, and messages. This is a very important topic for digital citizens to understand.

Mar 09, 12

You'll want to read this lawsuit as it lies on the cusp of what we will experience in schools in the future. In this case, a 12 year old girl (on Facebook, despite the fact she is technically too young to be) is suing a school district (via the ACLU) for punishment because of her use of Facebook. I think the school went too far when it required her to hand over her Facebook and email login to the school, but we'll see what the courts decide.

The ACLU says this is a violation of free speech. Stay tuned and realize that students have a right to hate you, say unkind things about you, etc. There is a fine line in what is allowed and what isn't. Just because we CAN deal with issues relating to bullying of other children - that doesn't mean we can wear our own chips on our shoulders and require that kids pretend to like us. It is hurtful when children say unkind things and many don't realize everyone is watching. If students are not understanding the consequences of their actions, then I partially blame any school that doesn't step up and teach digital citizenship.

Mar 08, 12

This is a video used by our Digiteen teachers to discuss the impact social media can have on your life (as in a job interview.)

Dec 29, 11

New Google+ service Find My Face lets you opt in to photo tagging. For information on this service and how Google is trying not to repeat some of the "mistakes" of Facebook. However, some would argue that mistakes of Facebook have also been what made it wildly popular.

Dec 29, 11

It seems harmless but sometimes just commenting on Facebook in the normal course of business causes problems. Now that every person on Facebook literally has a fan page (people can follow you without you having a fanpage) you are going to see this happen more often. If you really want to share with your friends, this certainly gives rise to websites like Path that only let you friend up to 150 people and keep things very private. Public officials may be left with no other option. Show me a person who doesn't say something politically incorrect and I'll show you someone in the graveyard. We all mess up.

  • "Among younger people, so much has the habit grown up of downloading copyright material from the internet that a claim of entitlement seems to have arisen to have what is not theirs for free."
  • UK's Digital Economy Act - that internet access is a 'fundamental human right', and that copyright enforcement infringes privacy.
  • After 28 days and two letters, the ISP may serve a 14-day disconnection notice during which time the user may appeal or promise to stop for good.
Nov 19, 09

To me, this example is over the line but anything that takes away from your ability to teach is considered a problem and reason to fire you. I think this is no acceptable when the teacher had everything marked as private and did not allow parents nor admins on her facebook page - again, facebook is not secure.

Oct 26, 09

Net neutrality is an important issue being addressed by the US government right now to prevent companies from sort of creating their own version of the Internet. These rules are supposed to keep things "open." I'm also sending these to my digiteen students (you can follow digiteen at and Flat Classroom students ( for work on their project.

Oct 20, 09

Teachers have a different standard. It is fascinating to read this newspaper article and also the responses. Our students on Flat Classroom project and Digiteen will be reviewing this information because teachers are held to a higher standard online.

  • And some districts -- from South Dakota to New Jersey -- are starting to limit what teachers can do on the sites.
  • "It is the responsibility of all individuals associated with the Foundation to act in a manner that will ensure the public's trust as well as the trust of colleagues and peers.
  • he has heard that some teachers have "risqué" photos on their accounts, but he hasn't actually seen any.

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Nov 05, 08

Great website about digital media ethics and royalty free resources.

Oct 04, 08

I highly recommend that elementary and middle schools at least sign up for a school code for woogi world - this is a great tool suggested by Hoover City schools for teaching digital citizenship. My daughter (my intrepid tester of all kid virtual worlds) loves it and says she thinks it is great for kids.

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