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Apr 02, 13

This story about a social media persona gone wrong is an excellent case study for educators. Personally, when I do fiction on Twitter (as in the case of a fictitious dialog between a student and teacher - I always start by disclosing it.) Secondly, I don't think it is smart to mess with people by making things up. People need to be able to trust you -- especially if you want to be a credible academic source.

That said, read this so that when you see parody or fake accounts that you know they exist and you can also know that some people making things up for the fun of it.

Oct 01, 12

It isn't enough to talk about digital citizenship. Experiential teaching is the most powerful teacher. As your students are learning about it, they should be experiencing it (not just the privileged few who have it at home) but at school. The Digiteen project is one high-intensity way to do it. Here's a teacher's reflections upon what the project is about.

May 06, 12

After teaching about pirates, talk about modern day pirates with this lesson plan for ages 7-9 with this educational game and lesson plan. This will prepare kids to be safe online over the summer.

Mar 08, 12

This is a video used by our Digiteen teachers to discuss the impact social media can have on your life (as in a job interview.)

Jan 14, 12

Here is Sue Basko's site about Liz. One point I want to make here is that it could be that Liz's article did in fact inspire cyberstalking against Sue. It does not, however, mean Liz is a cyberstalker. One person hating Liz also does not mean it is true. There are people who have defended me in situations against those who are unkind but I had nothing to do with it. There is a lot more here than a simple to understand interaction. Also, perhaps, it would have been easier for Sue to say that she was wrong when she got out of field and made inflammatory comments hurting those with autism (saying they were claiming it just to get money --- in a way that was insensitive, in my opinion)

In all of this, as you look at the interaction there is the surface story but also the fact that with social media and thousands of bystanders watching our interactions that such convoluted scenarios will emerge.

Jan 14, 12

Another link in the LA Lawyer vs Liz Ditz story that includes links to those involved. This is much more about digital citizenship than autism.

Jan 14, 12

It is unfortunate that controversy is surrounding autism and yet it is something misunderstood by many. Here is an article on Liz Ditz's blog going back to an issue that arose in December when she quoted a person's Facebook who then denied the posting and accused Liz of hacking the account and writing the comments herself. I am not on the inside of this but am watching as the outcome has implications for my own thoughts of digital citizenship. I am just saddened any time a person is taken of a mission to help others because of flame wars and it doesn't look like this one is going to stop soon. All I know is I have been reading Liz's blog for quite some time and although I don't know her personally, I find the charges leveled against her doubtful from what I do know.

Jan 14, 11

This is the article to share with students. Sometimes seeing adults do this helps students disconnect and see a lack of civility for what it is: childish.

  • All because the men refused to be civil.
May 17, 08

The page made by the digiteen students on digital etiquette. Although this page does not have the hyperlinks that it should have, it does have other great information.

Mar 29, 08

A great list that I came across from the educators group on Diigo-- this is a collection of internet safety information -- great resources. This is an excellent tool.

Mar 29, 08

Some good best practices from a teacher on keeping students cybersafe. I like this practical list and think it should be shared. It is important that we teach students about how to be safe online and good digital citizens.

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