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Mar 07, 13

If you have experience with debate and are an educator, we need you. Will you take one or two hours of your time (at most) and serve as a judge for the Eracism global debate project? We have students around the world debating now and need a few more educators. Here's information on signing up. We'll train you on how to share. it is done using voicethread. Thanks for your consideration. If you coach debate, you might want to familiarize yourself with this new debate format "simulated sychronous" using voicethread.

Jan 25, 13

""The use of Facebook by students around the world to communicate with one another does more harm than good.""

This is our topic for the Eracism 2013 project. You may wonder - why did we limit it to Facebook - well, after much-- yes, --- debate-- on our end, every good debate topic should have compelling topics on both sides - we wanted to have compelling discussions around social media and keep with the original spirit of the 4 students who envisioned this project. They wanted to debate topics of importance to promote cultural understanding.

If you want to sign up, this is linked to the 2013 press release that will tell you how to enter a team from middle up to high school (there are 2 brackets). We debate asynchronously in a method we call "simulated synchronous" until the finals, when we have a synchronous live debate in blackboard collaborate. 

Dec 19, 12

Students in China and the US debated on Wednesday in the finals of the Eracism project for Bracket B. the students in China stayed until 9:30 pm and the students in the US came in at 7;30 am. The teacher in China documented the journey on Instagram. How cool is that?

Dec 13, 12

The debate dates and times are on this page.
Bracket A will be between the Quality Schools International Bratislava - Slovakia and Lounsberry HOllow Middle School on Monday, December 17, 2012 at 9 am.
Bracket C will be between Think Global School - Class 2 Argentina and Bettendorf Middle School (USA) on Thursday, December 13 at 9 am eastern.
As of right now, Bracket B between Bettendorf Middle School and the American International School of Guangzhou (China) is still being worked out - but it will be posted on this page.

When you were in high school you may have had regional or state debate, well, now students debate around the world. You can find out about entering your team in next semester's competition on the website. This project was invented by students at the first Flat Classroom conference in Doha, Qatar. Hope some of you can come.

Dec 12, 12

The finals for the Eracism project debate are being held live this week. The first two teams will be debating this Thursday, December 13 at 9 am EAstern time in Blackboard Collaborate. It is a very exciting experience - my own students did this on the first project! How wonderful. I hope some of you can come. If you want to know more about Eracism and get information on the dates, here's the website and protocols. 

Apr 25, 12

Debate global issues in your classroom with these lesson plans #flatclass #globaled #debate

Apr 16, 12

Debating global issues is an important part of global competency. Here are some important and sometimes controversial issues like Child soldiers, nuclear weapons, child labor, Aids, poverty. Some very nice frameworks to use as we are ending the school year. After you finish your year end tests, you should consider some global competency lessons in your classroom to help students be aware of the world and also develop critical thinking skills. This is a great place to start.

Feb 21, 12

Debate the crucible as the Salem Witch Trial anniversary approaches. This is a lesson plan and assessment rubric, and a character sheet for assignment of roles.

Feb 12, 12

Debate is something that many schools have removed from their curriculum. This is a simple way to pull in debate to compete with other schools around the world asychronously using voicethread. It is free and open to middle school classrooms around the world. Here is the application form.

Oct 12, 09

Strategies for Educational Debate. This is an outline from the 1972 book by William C. Colburn. There are four topics to teach: 1) Analyzing arguments and propositions, 2) Evidence and Assertions, 3) Arguments, and 4) The debate setting.

Aug 17, 09

Debate resources for those who work with debate. This particular lesson plan teaches about arguing before and against a proposition.

Oct 12, 09

Created a Diigo group today to compile resources to use to teach debate. I hope that any educators out there who teach debate will join in and share.

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